February 12, 2012

Food Trip in Laoag, Vigan and Pagudpud

1. UKL Ever Hotel – we’re lucky that our room accommodation has 2 complimentary breakfast. (sulit!) The only problem is we only have 4 choices; tapsilog, hotsilog, longsilog and tocilog. Our favorite is longsilog and tapsilog. Extra order is P80. 

Since we had an amazing race tour, we did not go out for dinner; we just ate at their restaurant. Our favorite is breaded porkchop P120 and fried chicken P120.

2. Café Uno – in Vigan.

We ordered pinakbet plain, pinakbet with bagnet, sinigang na baboy, grilled bangus, chicken inasal, plain rice and bagoong rice (rice, bagoong, kangkong, salted egg and tocino). They have big servings so we keep on ordering rice just to finish everything. We all love the food, I’m not fond of vegetables but I like their pinakbet. Price is affordable, for a group of 8 people, our bill is only P1k+.

3. Irene’s Vigan Empanada – they all ate empanada in Vigan except me, not a fan of empanada. P35 per piece.

4. BergBlick Restaurant in Pagudpud, can you believe that there’s a German restaurant in Pagudpud. We were supposed to eat at Evangeline Resort but they could not accommodate us because they are expecting 100 guests and we could no longer wait because it was past 1PM already so we ended up in BergBlick Restaurant. 

We ordered a fish platter, Ilocandia express, sinigang na fish (I can’t remember the name) and crème brulee for dessert. The price is a little bit expensive for a group of 8 people, our bill is P2k+. Our favorite is the fish platter.

5. Jollibee – in Laoag for snacks.

6. La Preciosa in Laoag, we ordered diningding, lengua estofado and mocha sansrival. Hubby and son enjoyed their diningding, he even said “sabaw pa lang ulam na”. I always love lengua estofado and La Preciosa did not fail me.

My son liked his mocha sansrival but La Preciosa best seller cake is carrot cake. I got to taste it because my sister’s friend gave me a slice. They have big servings and the price is also affordable, for a group of 3 people, our bill is only P500+

Like I said, La Preciosa carrot cake is their best seller and I even see some people at the airport who have boxes of La Preciosa cake but I still prefer mocha sansrival because I am not fond of carrots. I enjoy the cake but I have to remove the shredded carrots. 

pabaon from my sister's friend
7.     Street Foods

Food photos are not complete; blame it on our hungry stomachs.


  1. Diningding and Pinakbet is an Ilocano specialty so expect it to be really delicious.=) Sayang you didn't try the empanada, for me it's really delicious specially when you put spicy sukang Iloko. Ang dami ko pa palang di napupuntahan sa Vigan.

  2. looking forward to trying out the Vigan empanada ... heard so much about it na e.

  3. Pinakbet with bagnet yan ang malupit sa tiyan. Sarap niyan. And nakahanap kayo ng mangga! May nagbebenta pa rin pala? Feel ko kasi off season na eh

  4. I have tried La Preciosa carrot cake once and I love it! Thank you for sharing this post. I am planning my trip to Ilocos this year and your post is very helpful :)

  5. the empanada alone makes me wanna hop into another 8 hour travel just to taste it...

  6. ang sarap ng foodtrip ninyo! at super bet ko ang pinakbet na orig.yummy!

  7. You can never really get away from Jollibee. Hehehe!

    Sayang naman you didin't try the empanada. I hear it's one of the best. =)

  8. isang nakakagutom na post! sarap ng food trip nyo sis :)

  9. I want to try the Vigan Empanada! :D And yay for silogs! Any silog is a nice breakfast for me.. ^^

  10. Wow food trip! I really love yun longganisa nila. I guess because madaming garlic :-) Too bad I cannot eat so much of those anymore kasi bawal na hehehe

  11. lagi nyo na lang ako iniinggit at tinatakam sa mga post nyong filipino food! :-P

    Spanish Pinay

  12. oh, how i wish we could also go to Vigan:-)... food trip talaga kayo!

  13. Just followed your blog. :)

    Vigan empanada and the mocha sansrival looks so good.