February 15, 2012

Why I Don't Like Flowers?

Flowers, flowers, flowers, how many times will I say that I’m not a big fan of flowers. If you remember my post before, I wrote it here that I dislike flowers and stuffed toys, not that I really dislike them but there are things that I want to receive, but flowers and stuffed toys are not on my list.

We all know that yesterday was Valentine’s Day; it used to be an ordinary day when I was still single then became a special day because it was our my BF/GF anniversary and after we got married, we rarely celebrate Valentines because our wedding anniversary is just a few days after. Sometimes we celebrate and sometimes we give gifts but we don’t really make plans at all.

Yesterday is like an ordinary day to me, hubby greeted me before he left so I was not expecting anything from him but of course, I gave him a hint “if ever maisipan mo magbigay, chocolates na lang” and be home early because I need to go to Starbucks. hehe! 

He just laughed and went to his office. My hubby is not the type of person who will shower you with gifts and I’m used to that when we’re still bf and gf. But last night he gave me a bouquet of roses, I was touched but I still asked him, where’s my chocolate? And he said ‘’ang dami chocolates sa fridge’’ (package that we received last Monday from his aunt). Then I said, wala naman Ferrero Rocher dun, yes, Ferrero Rocher is one of my favorite chocolates. For the record, I told him again, please give chocolates instead of flowers.

Why I don’t like flowers and stuffed toys? I know that flowers are expensive especially on Valentine’s Day and they will not last so I find it impractical. But if you give me chocolates, may kilig every bite of it and it will satisfy my stomach. I don’t like stuffed toys because for me they are dust collectors, so just give me a queen or king-size pillows instead.

I really do appreciate my hubby’s effort, dumaan pa daw siya sa Dangwa, hehe! Nasurprise naman ako because last year, one long-stemmed of rose lang binigay niya. My son smiled when he saw the flowers and he even said, “Mommy, take picture”.


  1. Awww, ang sweet naman ni hubby!
    I love flowers kasi I grew up surrounded by them (my parents used to grow and sell roses pero ngayon orchids na). But i can see what you mean. After Papa E bought me a bouquet worth £50 i told him that as much as I love them ay wag na lang or yung simple lang. Now we usually buy them together pag naisipan sa usual na bilihan namin. They are pretty but inexpensive.
    Haha, pareho pala tayo ng fave chocolates, sabing mommy ko share ko daw sa kanya ito, hehe . Kaya share ko din sayo =)

    A very happy wedding anniv to you both in advance =)

  2. ayieee! yaan mo na lang sis just enjoy and smell the flowers.haha! advance happy wedding anniversary senyo :)

  3. Awwwwww.. your hubby is so sweet. :)

  4. That's a nice and sweet story. :) Happy valentines, Michi!

  5. Naks nmn! I used to tell hubby to give me chocolates instead of flowers kasi nanghihinayang ako. Pero at the back of my mind, I was secretly wishing kahit one long stemmed rose lng, pde na :)

  6. Just like you, I am not really big when it comes to flowers and stuffed toys, but when it comes to chocolate, it's a different story! Nonetheless, your hubby is sweet for such gesture! Happy Love month! :)