March 31, 2014

The Mind Museum Where Science Comes Alive

I’ve been meaning to visit Mind Museum because of my husband’s stories. Sobrang binibida nga niya na maganda yung museum. One of his projects in the office is Mind Museum kaya ganun na lang makabida pero when I asked him kung nasan yung ginawa nila, he said “Yung hindi mo nakikitahehehe!

Update: We revisited this museum, you can also read my second visit here.

But it took us two years to finally visit the Mind Museum because I find it too expensive. P750 per head kasi so when my husband sent me an email from their office

“As their thank you to (name of office), The Mind Museum  is offering - exclusive to employees - a 46 percent discount on museum all-day passes (from P750 to P405) for purchase until December 16.”

We took advantage of the discount and bought 3 tickets but since we are busy from December to February, it was only two weeks ago that we were able to use the ticket. I was hesitant at first to go to the museum kasi sayang naman kung ilang oras lang kami, e all day pass ticket namin but my husband said, “Yung Universal Studio nga nakaya natin ng one day lang, yan pa kaya na maliit lang”. So after my son’s Moving Up we went to the museum as my son’s reward for finishing Kinder Level. Hehehe!

As we all know, parking is difficult in BGC so my patience was being tested again.

Me: Mag 1 hour na tayo nakapila sa parking. Ilang oras na lang para makaikot sa Mind Museum.
Hubby: Mauna na nga kayo basta iwan mo ticket ko.

I’m a submissive wife so nauna na kami mag-ina. LOL Finally, we met Aedi. Click here for the video

There are different galleries that you can visit such as “Atom Gallery, Earth Gallery, Universe Gallery, Life Gallery, and Technology Gallery”. Don’t forget to watch the shows in Space Shell and Nature’s Hourglass.

Universal Gallery

We started our tour in Universe Gallery and watch the first show “Passport to the Universe: Take an unforgettable voyage from Earth to the edge of the universe. Fly beneath the rings of Saturn, travel into the heart of the Orion Nebula and return home via a black hole.

Phases of the Moon
Spinning Tunnel, nakakahilo talaga
Earth Gallery

After getting through the spinning tunnel, we met Stan the T-rex at the Earth Gallery. Our favorite activity is checking the fossils parang “Jurassic Park” lang. hehehe!

Next stop is Life Gallery.

Then Atom Gallery, our favorite activity here is the static ball and shadow box.

Di makita shadow ni Ethan, 

The last stop is Technology Gallery which is located on the second floor. Our favorite activity is Gutenberg Press.

We had a quick bite in Kyle’s Lab.

Before we left we watched the three remaining shows 

Back to the Moon: Immerse yourself in the story of how various teams around the world are competing to be the first to return to the Moon in more than 40 years. See how this global competition is reviving a desire for space exploration by challenging the citizens of the world. ”, 

Birthplace: Catch a visually spectacular journey through time. Witness key events since the Big Bang that set the stage for life 

and “Ang Simula”.

We were able to enjoy the museum in less than four hours including the four shows. I would definitely recommend this because it is the easiest way to teach science to your kids. My son had a great time, he discovered new things, experienced old and new stuff, and most of all he had fun. We bought a photo souvenir for PHP99.


No guided tour and no flyers or anything that will serve as a guide when you roam the museum. It is better if they provide flyers so visitors can plan their tour and immediately check the show's time, especially those who will not avail of an “all-day pass”.

I did not know that there’s Science in the Park outside the museum and we missed this when we went there two weeks ago. Sayang ang trip namin, we live outside Metro Manila pa naman.

The Mind Museum
JY Campos Park
3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Tel No. 909-MIND

Schedule:  Tuesday - Friday (9am to 6pm); 
                  Saturday - Sunday (9am to 9pm); 
                  Museum is close every Monday.

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  1. Agree sis, easy way to teach Science. Di rin kami nakadaan sa park. Gusto ulit bumalik ni Meg. =)

  2. I think Jacob enjoyed the Mind Museum naman, but I wish they'd have more fun activities for little ones, like toddler to preschooler years. :)

  3. We were already able to visit Mind Museum too last March. Our three kids also enjoyed it. They actually have flyers with a map and info about the different galleries but I think they're only available by the entrance. Next time though, you can check out their website before you go. I think it's pretty much updated. And oh, if you want to check out Art in the Park, you can just buy a separate ticket for that, which if I'm not mistaken, only costs Php 100.00. Your son's going to love it there. :)

    1. Thanks for the info. I asked about the flyers and the staff said no flyers. :(

  4. I kinda like not having a tour guide but we had one when we visited a couple of years back. Wala na pala now? :)

  5. My boys and I had the best time at The Mind Museum also. I think that it's really worth what you pay for,

  6. Fun in learning! Museum trip is always a good trip for the kids

  7. We also want to visit The Mind Museum but we are still setting a budget for it.

  8. I've been hearing a lot of The Mind Museum. But like you, I find it expensive so we haven't really planned a trip there. I'm also a bit unsure if my kids (1 and 2 years old) will appreciate what they will see there. Thanks for the heads up about the parking, though! I thought they have their own parking space? We better prepare for that when we do decide to pay it a visit.

  9. I'm excited to go to the Mind Museum but I'm waiting till my 2 year old will enjoy and appreciate it. Thanks for the advance tour.

  10. Yup, i agree it is expensive. Educational places should not be very expensive because it defeats the purpose of imparting knowledge when only a few can partake.