March 19, 2014

Starting Over Again

I was so busy for the last few months and because of that, I was not able to renew my domain. Well, aside from this blog I have other blogs that I need to renew my domain and I can’t figure out how to renew it. I search and search but it is not working. I thought it would be easy because I have renewed Michi Photostory domain last December. Last year I did not have any problem because I just have to click the link on my email and pay the amount. But now, it is very different and I gave up.

Since I don’t have time because of our three consecutive weekend trips, my two domains expired. I accepted the fact that I will lose my two blogs because I don’t even know how to buy a new domain aside from Blogger. But thank God I was able to buy a domain in Go Daddy. I know I have to start all over again but I was still happy because I did not lose my two blogs.

Then few days after fixing my blog problems, I was having laptop problems, nagpaparamdam na talaga siya mapalitan. I was thankful that my husband bought me a new laptop na but the problem is, I don’t know how to use Windows 8, waah! It took me days to learn it.

But anyway, at least I can blog again and hopefully, I can finish my backlogs. I just realized that I haven’t started my Kuala Lumpur-Singapore series and malapit na matapos March. Lol. 

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