March 03, 2014

Art Time

I received this package last week and my son was so excited when he saw that there’s painting and paintbrush. He wanted to paint immediately but I told him that we will paint on Sunday.

Inside the box
I think, our first painting experience was last year when we make DIY Christmas Balls, you can click here to check. I know that painting is not easy, it takes a lot of patience which I don’t really have. Hehehe! I know that I don’t have the skills but it did not stop me from enjoying the experience.

As promised to my son, we painted the canvas shopping bag yesterday. You can get this for free when you buy Promil PreSchool. The box contains the shopping bag, 4 pcs of paint, paintbrush and of course instruction. 

At first, I thought it will be easy but when my son started asking for different colors, waah! Nastress na ko, I can only make green, purple, pink, orange but I don’t know how to make other colors so I decided not to follow the picture.

Son: Mommy, this is brown. 
Mommy: (Silence) 
Son: Mommy, this is brown repeat 10x 
Daddy: Mommy is not following instruction? 
Son: Yes, this is brown not yellow. 
Daddy: Kung ano ginagawa ng matanda, gagayahin ng bata. 
Mommy: Gawan niyo ko ng brown. 
Son and Daddy: (Silence) 

Hahaha! Anyway, this is our finish product. Painting needs patience because you can’t finish it in one sitting. It is messy but fun. After painting this bag, parang ayaw ko na gamitin. Nakakahinayang!

Proud na ko dyan. lol
Thanks Promil for the kit.