March 14, 2014

Air Asia Declined Error

Whenever I book a seat sale I don’t normally include baggage allowance because the trip is usually several months before the flight. What if there’s an emergency or valid reason that we need to let go of the trip, as far as I know, I could no longer refund it.

So I usually purchase baggage allowance once our trip is 90-100% sure. August last year, I booked Kuala Lumpur to Singapore flight via Air Asia because I dislike long land travel and of course to save time so I took advantage of the low fare. I paid P2322.42 for 3 persons, less than 1-hour trip.

January this year, I purchased a baggage allowance but I was getting a declined error message. I tried it again and the credit card transaction was still declined. I don’t know why because I just purchased a baggage allowance via Cebu Pacific for our Manila to Kuala Lumpur flight and I had a smooth transaction. I checked my credit card online account and there’s already a floating charge of RM44. I was really nervous because I felt that the payment went through. I did not do anything and I planned to pay my baggage at the airport even though it is triple the price.

 After few weeks, I checked my credit card online account again and no more floating charge and no RM44 charge so I tried my luck again and hoping that my payment will go through. Fortunately, no more declined error and I was able to purchase our baggage allowance for RM44 or P580 (cheaper compared to my first try).

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Singapore via Air Asia

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