August 14, 2018

Lunch at Cafe Via Mare

I live in the province for more than a decade so there are things that I’m missing out because it is not available in our area. But if there is one thing that I’m happy about is, Alabang is not that far from where I live and hindi naman nagpapahuli ang Alabang. Festival Mall is expanding so there are so many new stores and new restaurants to visit.

Last weekend, we were in Festival Mall, I meet my friend because I bought an insurance for my husband. Though my husband has an insurance from his company, we decided to get an additional insurance because we can’t predict the future. After that, we had a late lunch.

We normally eat at Landmark Food Court kung maggrocery kami but for a change, we ate a Cafe Via Mare. Though it is located at the Food Court pero at least hindi na kami pipila para mag-order. Hehehe! The price in Via Mare is a little bit pricey but the serving is big so my son and I shared on my order. We ordered Crispy Binagoongan P330, Ensaladang Bagnet P200, Rice P35 per cup and Bibingka with Laguna Cheese and Salted Duck Egg P135.

Ensaladang Bagnet has crispy roasted pork with mustard leaves, tomatoes, and shallots in calamansi and bagoong dressing. Crispy Binagoongan Meal has rice, crispy pork bellies, pinakbet and sauteed bagoong so good for sharing kung hindi naman malakas kumain.

Two years ago was the last time that we ate at Cafe Via Mare and I remember that I was not able to taste their Bibingka because nagcheck-out na kami sa St. Lukes BGC. So last week, I really ordered Bibingka kahit 15 minutes pa ang waiting time. Hehehe!

If you like bibingka, go to Cafe Via Mare because you can eat yummy bibingka all year round, di mo na kelangan maghintay ng Pasko. Food and service are good so for sure may next time ulit. Care to share your favorite at Via Mare.

Update September 2018

We were in Landmark last weekend and we had lunch at Cafe Via Mare again. While checking the menu, I asked my son what he wants and said “yung dati ko order”. Oh well, naging favorite na niya yung liempo, so we ordered Kare-Kare P480, Crispy Binagoongan P330 and Shooters P145.

We’re supposed to order extra rice but the waitstaff informed us na may kasama ng rice yung Kare-Kare. After several minutes, they served order order. The funny thing is they served it all, pati shooters so mabilisan ng kain at matutunaw na yung dessert namin. Shooters is refreshing combination of Halo-Halo, Guinomis and Mais Con Hielo.

This is perfect for our family of three. According to their menu, Halo-Halo has sweetened fruits, yams, pulses, egg custard, milk, and crushed ice. Pero more on gulaman ang nakain ko sa halo-halo. My son loves corn so he enjoyed his Mais Con Hielo. My husband ate Guinomis, it has sago, pinipig, gulaman and gata. The taste is creamier compared to my halo-halo because it has coconut milk.


  1. Love Landmark's foodcourt! Daming choices! Fave ko sa Via Mare Palitaw!

    1. True, dami choices. Try ko next time palitaw. :)