June 29, 2016

Japan Day 3: Keio Rail-Land Museum

When I learned that there is Keio Rail-Land in Japan, I immediately added this in our itinerary. I was glad that we can visit two attractions in one day because they are located at the same location. The Keio Rail-Land is just across the Tama Zoological Park

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My son has been enjoying our stay in the zoo so I had to remind him that we need to go to Keio Rail-Land and we cannot afford to miss it because like Tama Zoo, they are closed every Wednesday too. We left the zoo before 2PM and we joined these kids in crossing the pedestrian lane. 

I just noticed that Japan has a lot of vending machines, they use it for drinks, snacks, train ticket and even in purchasing attraction ticket. But not all are user friendly so I have to ask help again so I can buy tickets.

I told the staff that I need two tickets, 1 adult and 1 child and she instructed me on what to press and when to insert money. (again, tinuturo lang niya since she can’t speak English). What I like in Japan, even there is language barrier, they are very kind and helpful, they will try their best to guide you.

Keio Rail-Land Entrance Fee 

250 yen - 3 years old and above.

Finally, we got out ticket and we can now enter the museum. Unfortunately, they don’t have English version of the flyer but at least the pictures give me an idea on what to expect.

Keio Rail-Land is a railway museum that is operated by Keio Corporation. The museum was opened in year 2000 and was expanded in year 2013. It is divided in three parts, the indoor exhibition (two floors) and outdoor exhibition.

Indoor Exhibition First Floor 

You can see the miniature train diorama, train simulator, mini Keio bus and mini Keio train cab at the first floor. There is souvenir shop too at the entrance of the railway museum. 

Click here for the video

You can drive your own train in this diorama for 100 yen, my son likes to drive the different mini trains but I told him to try other attractions. Hehehe! Kuripot lang si mommy, ayaw ng may bayad. 

So he tried this train simulator, I’m not sure if he was doing the right thing but one staff said, “very good”. Good thing that the place was not crowded so he can use this game over and over again. 

Beside the train simulator is the mini Keio Bus

We also enjoyed dressing up, he changed costumes and I took pictures. 

Indoor Exhibition Second Floor 

Second floor is the play area or kid zone, there are corner for kids and toddlers. My son enjoyed this game area where you can build and play your own railway for 30 minutes, then you have to put it back again at the proper storage. Clean before you go. Just get your time card from the staff. 

While waiting for our turn, my son played here. 

After several minutes of waiting, we fell in line so we can play. My son used to love Thomas and Friends so I gifted him Thomas Climbing Set four years ago. But of course, child’s interest changes as the years go by so he seldom use the train set.

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But I think he missed the train because he likes to play again so we got another time card. 

There are also tables and chairs where you can stay, drink and eat snacks. Vending machines are available. 

My son also played here “Quiz Station,” I find it weird because it is in Japanese Language pero gusto pa rin niya magquiz. Guessing game ito. Lol

Outdoor Exhibition 

I was trying to figure out on how we can go to the outdoor museum but I can't find the way so I have to ask the staff and show him the flyer. He said “outside” so we went out and walk to the other side of the museum. You need your ticket to enter so keep it or else you have to pay again. 

The open-air exhibition area houses five retired Keio EMU cars. This is your chance to see the different models or series of train throughout the years. You can see Keio 6000 series car DeHa 6438, Keio 3000 series car KuHa 3719, Keio 5000 series car KuHa 5723, Keio 2010 series car DeHa 2015 and Keio 2400 series car DeHa 2410. 

There is also a cute mini train ride for a minimal fee. I asked again help so I can purchase the ticket in the ticket vending machine. 100 yen for one round of ride.

The museum is not that big, I think 2 hours is enough to enjoy it. If you love trains, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this place, my son and I had fun in this railway theme park. We left before 5 PM. 

Keio Rail_land 
3 Chome-36-39 Hodokubo, 
Hino, Tokyo 191-0042, Japan
Hours: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM Museum is closed every Wednesday, year-end and New Year.
Phone: +81 42-593-3526 
Public transit access: Tama-dōbutsukōen Station 

C&C Curry Shop

My husband has dinner meeting so we went straight to Tama Center Station to buy dinner at C&C Curry Shop but unfortunately I cannot order our food because I don’t know how to use the food vending machine. Waah! 

Good thing I found a food shop so nagtake-out na lang kami ng food. My son and I loves katsu, so we ordered this. Inulit-ulit ko talaga sa staff na pork katsu. Lesson learned, dapat alam ko na yung Japanese term for pork, chicken, seafood and beef para mas madali communication.


  1. I think we'll skip the train station. Pero I am telling hubby to at least visit the zoo with baby. If ayaw nya na sila lang, kelangan ko pa isingit sa weekend namin pero sa Disney land and Disney Sea kami nun.

    Isi search ko na yung mga japanese words ng pork chicken and beef. What I know is Hire - walang taba. Hahaha!

    1. Ok yung Keio Rail-Land kasi may separate play area sa toddlers.

      Naku, one whole day each yung Disneyland and Disney Sea, mahirap isingit ang zoo. Malapit lang zoo, for sure kaya yan ni hubby mo. :)

      Don't forget to get the "Japan Guide Around Tokyo" sa hotel lobby, late ko na siya nakita, ang daming info for tourist. Nandun yung mga translation ng common Japanese terms in shopping, food, transportation etc.

  2. So cool to visit such a place in Japan. My boys used to be crazy about trains when they were this age.

  3. What an awesome museum! I never imagined anyone would make a museum about rails! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. What a fun place! Too bad I have a daughter pero I think she'll be entertained nman with all those moving trains and especially the ball pit.

  5. I love Katsu. =) Language barrier is really hard in Japan. I wonder if I can survive there without someone who reads and speaks their language. There are no translations provided. haha

    1. Yes, it is really hard. Thank God we survived even there is language barrier. hehehe!

  6. Wow, there's no shortage of fun places in Japan! My son would surely enjoy the train exhibits. :D

    1. True, there are so many places to visit.

  7. First time to hear about the train museum in Japan. Looks like a good one to visit. I think my son would love this place.

  8. If I had enough money I wish I can take my son to Japan or to all sorts of places. You are blessed :)

  9. My son loves trains! I'm sure he'll enjoy visiting Keio Rail-Land, too! I'll keep this place in mind if and when we finally decide to travel to Japan.

  10. I thought the entrance fee is pricey! When I tried to convert, murang mura pala! Ang galing! ♥

  11. Oooh, the boys would love this place! Galing mo to have found such an interesting place to visit! :D

    1. Thanks! Japan has so many interesting place for kids and the only problem is the budget. :)

  12. Any boy would definitely love to play or even tour inside. I remember my boys when they were at age 4- 7 years old and they so love anything with tracks and trains.

    1. Boys really love trains and cars. Magastos din, hehehe!

  13. I am really dreaming to visit Japan with my family. My auntie lives in Osaka and she tells a lot of good thing about this country.