June 17, 2016

Royce Chocolate

The first time I tasted Royce Chocolate was last year when my husband went home from Brunei. It was love at first taste and I have no idea that there is a chocolate that really melts in your mouth.

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So when we went to Japan last month, I did not leave the country without buying Royce Chocolate. Good thing that you can buy this chocolate in the airport and it is tax-free.

I was so happy that Royce Chocolate is so affordable in Japan and I wanted to hoard but of course I have to practice self-control. I only bought three types of chocolate.

1. Royce Chocolate Bar 

This Chocolate Almond Bar is 450 yen. It is milk chocolate filled with crunchy, roasted whole almonds. You can really see the whole almonds and hindi tipid. Honestly, the taste is good but it is like other chocolate that has nuts.

My son doesn’t like chocolate with nuts but he finished this chocolate bar, halos di ko na natikman. Hehehe! The shelf life is 3 months.

2. Royce Pure Chocolate

Royce Pure Chocolate has different flavors but I chose the Creamy milk and White flavors. What I like in this chocolate is the packaging, each chocolate is individually wrapped so if you are on a diet, you can just get one at a time just to satisfy your sweet tooth. I love the smooth taste of each chocolate. Royce Pure Chocolate is 720yen. The shelf life is 3 months.

3. Royce Nama Chocolate without Liquor

Of course, my favorite chocolate is Royce Nama Chocolate. Among the three, this is the best choice. Like I said before, this is the only chocolate that is soft and melts in your mouth even you just got it from the fridge. I tried the Mild Cacao flavor before so I bought White flavor “Fresh cream is blended in white chocolate that is finished in a mild and fresh taste.”.

I like white chocolate so I enjoy this but my husband prefers the Mild Cacao flavor. My son said “Yummy Cheese”. Hehehe! Royce Nama Chocolate is 720 yen. 20 pieces in a box. The shelf life is only 1 month.

You need to store this in a cool place so I paid 100 yen for the cooling bag because I have to travel the chocolate from Japan to the Philippines. If you are going to Japan, don't forget to buy this chocolate. :)

My husband will be going back to Brunei so I’m still contemplating kung papabili ulit ko ng Royce so I can still try other variants. Though hindi na nga lang siya presyong Japan but definitely much cheaper compared sa Philippines price.

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Update January 2019

4. Royce Nama Chocolate with Liquor

My brother frequent Japan because of work, sometimes natetempt ako na magpabili ng Royce kaso North to South din kami so gagastos din ako sa gas and toll so baka wala din ko matipid. But last year, when I attended my grandmother's 80th birthday, my brother gave us Royce chocolate. Yey, another flavor that we tried "Royce Nama Chocolate Au Lait". It a blend of milk chocolate and fresh cream. It contains liquor but I did not notice it. The shelf life is 1 month.

5. Potato Chocolate Fromage Blanc

When my husband went to Chengdu China last month, he had a layover at HKIA. So while waiting for his boarding, he checked different stores and he asked me if I want chocolates. I was contemplating if I will buy the Royce Chocolate because it is expensive. But after several minutes, I asked my husband to buy one Royce Potato Chocolate Fromage Blanc HKD105.

A potato chips coated with cheese-flavored white chocolate. Fromage blanc is a type of soft French cheese that has a creamy sour taste. I was surprised by the taste, okay din pala combination ng potato chips and chocolate. The shelf life is one month. This is good but expensive if you will convert it to Philippines Peso.


  1. I have heard a lot of good things about this chocolate but I have not tasted it yet. Oh, I envy you! You went to Japan! I have always wanted to go. I am still in the process of saving for a trip there.

  2. Like chocolate, beauty stuff are also cheaper in Japan oo! Once we visit Japan soon, I promise to get Royce too! Ako pang chocolate lover papahuli? Haha..

    1. Go, hoard ka ng beauty stuff and chocolate. =)