June 03, 2016

Japan: Keio Plaza Hotel Tama

In planning for a trip, location is very important because your itinerary will depend on it. So when my husband sent me his hotel confirmation, I felt sad because the hotel is so far from the tourist spots that I wanted to visit.

The initial plan is to move to another hotel after his training so commuting would not be a problem but I had a hard time looking for an accommodation in Japan that would fit my budget (same rate with Keio Plaza Hotel Tama). In addition, some websites do not have an English language so it is hard to reserve.

I have a 7 years old son and in Japan, he is considered as an adult so it is not easy to book a hotel for three persons. Most of the time it is fully booked or the hotel rate is so expensive. So I gave up looking for a budget accommodation and decided to stay in Tama Center area since they gave us a good rate even for extra person rate. At least I did not have a hard time reserving a hotel, someone did that for us. 

“A child aged 6 and older is considered an adult, that she/he cannot share the bed with an adult.”

Keio Plaza Hotel Tama is far from the common tourist spots in Tokyo, Japan but it is not a reason to be sad because there are still interesting places that we can visit and to be honest, I did not have any regrets in staying in Tama Center because my son and I did not have a hard time in traveling.

I felt so proud of myself because for the very first time, namamasyal kami mag-ina na kami dalawa lang. Hindi ko nagagawa yan sa Pinas dahil takot ako na kaming dalawa lang sa dami ng modus. 

Back to topic, you can reach the hotel by riding an airport limousine bus. Buy your ticket at the airport ticket counter and the bus will drop you in front of the hotel. 
Travel time from Narita Airport is almost two hours and 1-minute walk from bus station to Keio Plaza Hotel Tama. 

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Sharing with you, our accommodation for 6 nights. If you are Hello Kitty fan you can book their Hello Kitty Theme room

The room has two beds, office table, vanity table, cabinet, TV, refrigerator and trouser press. 

You have tea and espresso coffee maker. 

The bathroom has bathtub, thermostat controlled shower fixture and unique toilet. I’ve been meaning to try this kind of toilet, nakakarelax umupo. You have a warm seat + different buttons for bidet. Spoiled na spoiled ang aking b***. Namimiss ko ito kasi wala nito sa bahay. Hehehe! 

The bathroom toiletries are shampoo, conditioner, bath & shower gel, face soap, toothbrush, razor, shower cap, comb and hairdryer. I love their Shiseido Face Soap kung pwede lang iuuwi. 

The room has air purifier too, winner. 

Inside the cabinet, you can find hangers, ironing spray, security safe, slippers and shoe mitt. Two bathrobes (yukata) were provided. 

To save money, we only book room only and we ate breakfast at Starbucks, McDonalds or breakfast meals from convenience stores which are just walking distance from the hotel. The hotel has 4 restaurants and 1 pastry shop so you really have no problem with food. 

What I like about this hotel is the strategic location, it is 1-minute walk from bus station, 3 minutes walk from Keio Line & Odakyu Line, Keio Tama Center Station and Tama Monorail and 5 minutes walk to Sanrio Puroland

There are nearby malls, supermarkets, fastfoods, restaurants and park. Though it is far from central Tokyo, commuting is not that difficult. 

The service is also good because they make-up the room and replenish the toiletries every day. We have clean room every single day. They even reserved our Airport Limousine Bus Ticket back to Narita International Airport. 

There is free wifi in the room but it was not as fast as I expected and we have to relog-in every day. 

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For the very first time, I did not see any complimentary water because according to their staff, the water is potable. I haven’t tried it because I bought bottled water in the convenience store but my husband used the water for his coffee and tea and wala naman nangyari. Hehehe! 

Overall, we had a great stay in Keio Plaza Hotel Tama. I hope they also offer free shuttle bus to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

Keio Plaza Hotel Tama 

Tel:+81 42 374 0111
Fax:+81 42 374 1552 
1-43, Ochiai, Tama City, Tokyo
206-0033 Japan


  1. wow, ang ganda naman dito sis. One of my husband and I's wishes is to be able to visit Japan in the future. :)

  2. The hotel is so nice naman, okay ang toiletries ha sosyal, like to try the CR parang ang techie :-)

  3. It looks clean, tidy and very affordable! Well, I've learned a lot about this hotel to recommend to my friends. More articles for you with kind of travel.

  4. I guess Keizo Plaza Hotel Tama was a good choice. It looks spacious and convenient.

  5. You seem to have paid attention to a lot of details. If this is in Japan I can already imagine it being very well-maintained, clean and zen

  6. one thing I love about this hotel based on the pictures you have shown is the cleanliness of it from one corner to another! It is seemingly well maintained
    I wonder how their Hello Kitty Room looks like! My sister will definitely think she is on heaven if she's in that room haha

    1. True, she will be in heaven if she is a Hello Kitty Fan. :)

  7. As long as the hotel is near the bus stops or train stations, it's a good hotel for me. Japan has a very efficient transport system naman so going to places is not a problem. Wish ko din maka-try ng toilet seat na ganyan :p

  8. Very strategic location. It is the only international hotel in Tama, pero expensive kasi per person ang bayad natin. Aabot kami ng 19K++ JPY. Si Ethan ba binayaran nyo din yung stay sa hotel?

    1. Parang ako lang yung extra person dun sa rate na binigay, free pa yata si Ethan.