June 15, 2016

My Minimalist Wallet

Our wallet is very important stuff in our lives because it holds our money, ID’s, credit card, debit card, loyalty card and other things. Last year, my wallet already gave up on me so I was looking for a replacement but I could not find anything. When I find something I want, I don’t like the price naman. I don’t want to buy wallet na mas mahal pa sa laman, hehehe! 

1. Halo Phone Wallet

Then I remember the Halo Phone Wallet that I bought for my phone last year, I haven’t used it yet so ginamit ko na lang siya since I don’t have wallet pa. It has 4 card slots and cash pockets. 

Since last year, I’m using this wallet while looking for a new one but after using it for several months, naappreciate ko na siya. Now I don’t look for wallet anymore, I now love my phone wallet turned to slim wallet. 

I can put my money, cards, and even receipts in this minimalist wallet. It is not bulky so it doesn’t take much of my bag space. I have separate coin purse and card holder for my other cards (health card, membership card and others), which is dati ko na ginagawa para if ever mawala yung wallet, hindi lahat ng cards makukuha.

I’m pretty sure that you are aware how expensive of replacing ATM and Credit Cards. Di naman libre yan so I only put 1 ID, 1 ATM, 1 Credit Card and 1 Loyalty Card in my wallet. One more thing, the phone wallet is only P349 and available in different colors. 

Update: January 5, 2017

2. MINISO Wallet

I've been using Halo Phone wallet for more than a year, I thought that is the cheapest slim wallet that I've found. But I was wrong, I found this slim wallet at Miniso for P199. Amazing right. 

I like this because the color is more feminine, I'm not sure if it is a pink or old rose. I can put money and receipts. It has 6 card slots so I can add two more loyalty cards. You can put your coins or phone in the zipper part of the wallet

I'm happy with my new slim wallet. If you search online, almost 2k yung price ng slim wallet. How about you? Are you using a slim wallet?

Update: August 2017

3. MINISO Coin Purse

While waiting for our 11AM buffet at Four Seasons Hotpot and Buffet City, we dropped by at MINISO, then I saw this coin purse for P99. I already have a coin purse but I find this so cute. It matches my slim wallet. It also has a card case and additional slot at the back of the wallet so I bought it. 


  1. Ako din I prefer simple wallet and easy to slid. I don't like bulky wallet kasi I tend to keep trash inside lols.

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

    1. True! More space = more space for kalat. hehehe!

  2. I really like phone wallets. Yours looks great :)