April 20, 2018

The Great Geysir in Iceland

The Great Geysir is one of the popular landmarks in Iceland hence it is included in Golden Circle Tour. Geysir or geyser in English means intermittently hot spring that erupts in a tall column of heated water and steam into the air.

It is located in Haukadalur valley and approximately 100km away from Reykjavik. According to study, it became known more than 1000 years ago, though it is no longer active, you can still see the active Strokkur, other hot pools and little geysir around the area.

Geysir is our second stop on our Golden Circle Tour. Surprisingly, it is just a few steps away from the parking lot. Do not forget to read the reminders for your own safety. Take note that the nearest hospital is 62km away.


1. Do take utmost care when walking in the area
2. Respect fences and barriers - for your own safety.
3. Do not break or collect sinter.
4. Do not throw rocks, coins or litter in the geysers.
5. Never stand on the edges or close to the hot springs.
6. Remember that the water is 80-90C (176-194F) it will burn badly.
7. Don’t test the temperature with your hands, it will burn.
8. The nearest hospital is 62km away.

The Great Geysir is no longer active so I did not bother to check it and we just stayed at the Little Geyser and Strokkur. As of this writing, how I wish I check it so I could take a picture, it is once in a lifetime chance din makavisit sa Iceland. But at that moment, our feet were already aching, napagod talaga kami sa ilang oras na lakad namin sa Thingvellir National Park.

Patience is a virtue if you want to see how geysers erupt, it can go up as high as 30 meters. The height of the eruptions vary, we saw small and tall eruptions. For Strokkur, you need to wait for few minutes to see the eruptions. Don’t forget to ready your camera to capture the moment. You can watch our video here.

It was a surreal moment, seeing the Geysir up close and personal. It is not something that you usually see during your travel. So if you are going to Iceland, don’t forget to include Golden Circle Tour and one more thing, there is no entrance fee. Yes, you can see the Geysir for FREE.

Beside the parking lot is a hotel and Geysir Center where you can eat or buy souvenirs. We had snacks at the cafe. I just can’t remember the price because my mom paid for it but one thing I know if you will compute it in PHP, it is really expensive. We just ordered drinks and pastries.

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  1. Ha! That conversion! That's why don't convert to PHP nalang para di masakit sa puso. haha. This place is free? That's awesome. I don't know if I'll be more excited or nervous if I'm the one visiting this place. One thing's for sure tho, I'll be worried for Nate, baka di ko na palakad-lakarin at baka madisgrasya. haha.

  2. Wow! Lucky fambam! Sa unang tingin parang di mo maappreciate yong place not until you saw the geysir's eruption. And it's for FREE!