March 06, 2018

Food Trip in Hamilo Coast Pico De Loro Cove

Summer vacation is near, tomorrow is the last day of my son’s final exam so school year 2017-2018 is officially over. Yey! No more lessons, quizzes and monthly exams for the next few months. And because of this, I have more time to finish my backlog.

If you’ve read my February posts, you know for sure that we had a Valentine Getaway at Hamilo Coast Pico de Loro. So if you are looking for a summer getaway, you can add this to your choices. You can check here the other resorts that we have tried in Batangas. Let me start with our food trip. 

Hamilo Coast Pico De Loro is so huge, from the main gate it took us more or less 7 minutes drive to reach Pico Sands Hotel. It so far, so tatamarin ka na kumain sa labas. Cooking and bringing of food are not allowed too so we have no choice but to eat at the resort. If you are staying at the condominium, you can cook your own food but if you are lazy, you can take advantage the different restaurant around the resort. You can choose from the following. 

A. Lagoa
B. Lagoa Pool Bar 
C. Sun Coral Cafe (Members Only) 
D. Pico Restaurant 
E. Pico Bar 
F. Reef Bar 
G. B&B
H. Grab N’ Go 
I. Beach and Pool Bar 
J. Brisa Bar 

With all of these choices, there are no reasons for you to get hungry, budget na lang ang kulang. Prior to our visit, I read reviews, forums, and blogs and according to what I’ve read, “Mahal daw ang food sa Pico De Loro” so I was expecting that the rate would be similar to 4-5 stars hotel. But I was happy because when we went there, hindi naman ganun kamahal. Yes, it is expensive pero hindi tulad sa iba na softdrinks pa lang, almost P300 na. 

Since we only stayed for two days and one night, we only tried two restaurants which are Lagoa and Pico Restaurant. After our checked-in, we went straight to Pico Restaurant to eat our lunch. According to their Guide Map, this restaurant is open 24 hours so I was surprised when they told us na 12NN pa daw. They gave us the menu, we can order daw pero 12NN pa daw mag-open. Woah! 

It was quarter past 11AM and we have no patience to wait anymore because we are all hungry or should I say hANGRY. hehehe! So we went to another restaurant which is Lagoa.


Lagoa is located at Pico De Loro Country Club, it is near the swimming pool so you won’t miss it. It serves Filipino, Asian and American foods, you can order a la carte and I think they also offer buffet meals because during our last day, they offered it to us but we chose a la carte because it is cheaper. 

Operating Hours 
6AM to 10PM (Friday to Saturday) 
6AM to 8PM (Sunday to Thursday) 


They offer starters, noodle, soup, main course, desserts, side dishes, and beverage. For main courses, the price range is P260 - P550++. They have Batangas Favorites Menu which is much cheaper because the dishes are good for sharing, the price range is P260 - P780 ++. They also have Kids Menu the price range is from P220 - P375 ++. 

We ordered Pinakbet with Bagnet P390, Pork BBQ P220 and rice. The Pinakbet with Bagnet is good for two, we’re satisfied with the taste and serving. My son’s Pork BBQ includes two mini sticks, vegetables, and rice. 


After our check-out, we went to Lagoa to eat lunch before going home. We ordered King Prawns and Baby Squid Adobo sa Gata P430, Mini Sliders P300 and rice. We were surprised when we saw our order kasi ang konti lang nung shrimp and squid so bitin siya for two persons. We thought, marami din serving kasi yung pinakbet marami e. Anyway, my son was very happy with his burger and fries, I thought hindi niya mauubuos but he finished his meal. 

Pico Restaurant

Pico Restaurant is located in the lobby of Pico Sands Hotel. This restaurant offers food delivery service for hotel guests and condo residents too. It serves Spanish Mediterranean and Filipino Cuisines.

Operating Hours: 24 Hours


For dinner, we went to Pico Restaurant. It was past 6PM and thank God they are ready to serve dinner. 

They have starters, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, appetizer, main course, dessert, Batangas favorites and drinks. Checking their menu, it is more expensive compared to Lagoa because main courses are good for one person only. Good thing we’re on a diet, we don’t eat that much pag dinner. 

We ordered Inihaw na Liempo P380, Pepperoni Pizza P380, and rice. The grilled liempo has side dish pa (ensaladang talong and salted egg). My husband and son ate the pizza, I haven't tried the pizza but according to my husband "Okay lang" lasa. 

Buffet Breakfast 

Our room package has complimentary buffet breakfast for two and half-rate for my son. Buffet breakfast was served at Pico Restaurant too. The buffet spread is not that grand but it is enough to satisfy us. They have bread, cereals, soup, salad, fruits, main course, and drinks. There is omelet station near the garden. Food and service are good.

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  1. Ih the place looks really good. Akala ko pag Pico de Loro mountains lang. hehe meron din pala hotels. 😁 it looks neat. :)

    1. Malapit siya sa Mt. Pico kaya mountain din ang view sa resort. :)

  2. When it comes to restaurants, since there's five of us, we always go for food for sharing. Kasi mas mahal naman talaga ang single orders kahit saan.

    Looking at the prices, parang regular prices lang naman. It's what I would expect from restaurants. In fact, for a nice resort, mura pa yan.

    1. Yes, kung family talaga mas okay ang sharing. True, okay lang naman prices parang kumain ka lang sa mall. Wala nga lang pag fastfood level na rate. :)

  3. Wow! Yummy foods! I wanna try their Pinakbet and Adobo. Mukhang Batangas ang punta namin this summer. ;)

  4. Wow! Great food! May restaurants pala sa Pico de Loro. The rates are reasonable na rin ha :)

  5. eyeing pico de loro as our staycation for summer, the food is affordable having two boys na super takaw need ng food lagi.

  6. Ang tagal ko na gustong pumunta sa Pico de Loro! I love the neutral interiors, lakas maka-country side. I'll bookmark this as a guide kung sakaling pupunta kami. Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. I wanna check out this place with the kids :) After that not-so-good experience in Canyon Cove, I was told that Pico de Loro is waaaayyy better :)

    1. Yes, more activities and restaurants for the guests!

  8. Hi. Thank for this info. I just like to ask, how much did they charge you for half rate buffet breakfast? Thanks

    1. Hi Ann, I don't have the receipt anymore but I guess it is more or less P400 for the kid.