March 27, 2018

My First Photobook Using Photobook Worldwide App

I love taking pictures, isn’t it obvious with my blog name. Yes, I do have a lot of pictures, but I hardly ever print those pictures. I give you three reasons why.

1. It is so hard to choose pictures that I want to print. 
2. It is so expensive to print pictures 
3. I could not find a photo album that I like. I have old photo albums and some of my albums did not last. 

I’ve been seeing different photo books website online and one of them is Photobook Worldwide. I’ve been meaning to try these photobooks but for some reasons, hindi ko siya maumpisahan. After 10 years, I finally bought 2 vouchers for P100 and P120, and guess what, two vouchers are nearly expiring. Spell C-R-A-M! Yes, I bought these vouchers during their Black Friday Sale and I totally forgot about it. 

Just this month, I learned that Photobook Worldwide has an app where I can upload, edit, and order photo books, photo prints, home décor, and even calendars. After a week, I downloaded the Photobook Worldwide App in Apple Store and tried it. I love the app because it is so easy to use and I was done in few minutes. 

How to Use the Photobook Worldwide App 

1. Download the Photobook app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store 
2. Launch the app and select the projects you want to avail of. I chose Simple Books 6x6 

Simple Books 6"x6", 8”x8” or 12”x12” 
Hardcover Photobooks 8”x8” or 12”x12” (Lay Flat or Standard Binding)
Photo Prints 4R or 5R 
Home Décor: Canvas Air, Metal Prints, Wood Prints or Desktop Plaques 
Calendar: Wall Calendar 12”x12” Square and 11”x8” Landscape or Desk Calendar 11”x5 Lanscapre or 6”x8” Portrait 

3. Personalise your photobook by uploading at least 21 of your photos (additional photos = extra charges). I checked my Facebook Account and saved photos on my phone. 
4. Apply the voucher code if you have any and pay the shipping fee. You have two options, standard or express shipping. I paid P200 via Paypal for the standard shipping fee. 
5. Tap to upload your project and that's it! 

March 21 – I placed and paid my order 
March 26 – I received my package via DHL 

I was so happy because the package came all the way from Malaysia but it only took them few days to print and deliver my photobook. I received my package in good condition. The quality of the print and paper is also good. My first photobook is about our Easter Staycation at Roros Norway last year.

As I mentioned, I like the app because it is so easy to use but there are some limitations. 

1. I used the app again to redeem the voucher that I got last year but they are not accepting my code. So I guess, I have to use the online designer application or I need to download the Photobook software. I guess the app is only for hardbound. 
2. There are limited options for editing photos. I cannot put text so all I did is align my photos to the center. Good thing it turned out okay even the photos are from mobile phones. 
3. Photobook Worldwide has so many products but not all are available using the app just like my Insta Cards vouchers. 
4. I always check the status of my current order on the app but I only see “Processing” status, I was worried because after 5 days, ganun pa rin ang status. I even sent an email to ask for the real status of my order but few hours after I sent the email. DHL came and delivered my package. 

I have three vouchers that will expire soon so I’m trying my best to use all the vouchers that I bought last year para hindi naman sayang pera. I already used two vouchers and one more to go. Good luck to me! I will share my experience using the Online Designer Application after I receive all my orders. I'm still waiting for my packages. 

Update: April 2, 2018

What I don't like?

I did not have any problem with my first order but last March 29, 2018, I ordered again and paid via Paypal. But my order was not uploading, I have good internet connection but I don't know why my order is not uploading, it stopped at 5%. I went to my brother's house last Holy Week and they have two internet connections, I tried both and still, my order was not uploading.

I kept on receiving emails from Photobook that I need to re-upload my order so they can print it. I reupload my order every day but it is not working. I was advised to contact them if I have issues which I did, but it took them few days to reply because of the holiday.

I followed the steps but it was not working on my first try and they gave me another instruction so I can re-upload my project again and fortunately, it works. Before it only took me a few minutes to order but now it took me 5 days just to complete the order.

March 29  - ordered and paid via Paypal (P200)
April 2 - reupload my order for the nth time
April 11 - received my order


Don't forget to Turn on the notification so you will be updated with their promos. They have different promos and I was able to get FREE 6x6 Simple Book code last March so I only paid the shipping fee. There is another free 6x6 Simple Book code last Easter but I did not grab the opportunity because I still had a problem with my second order. 

If you love to have travel memories, visit Photobook

** This post contains affiliate link/s. If you decide to make a purchase, I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support. 

Update: May 10, 2018

I ordered last May 8 and I was surprised that I received my order after 48 hours, ito na yung pinakamabilis na delivery nila. I immediately checked my order and to my disappointment, 3 pages of the photobook were not good, putol yung face ni hubby. I checked the project that I uploaded and maayos naman. This is my fourth order (via mobile app) so I knew how to center and adjust my photos, sino ba naman may gusto na putol-putol ang mukha.

I emailed them regarding my concern and thankfully, they replied immediately so I resend my order. They replaced my failed photobook with a new one and shipped it at no extra cost. That's what you called good after-sales service.

I received my Photobook last May 16, 2018.

Update: July 30, 2018

I just placed my order and I was surprised when I saw the P250 shipping fee. For the past few months, I only pay P200, last order ko nung June. Waah! Ang mahal na rin, hindi pa naman nila pinagsasama yung order. Like last month, I ordered 3 Photobooks on the same day and I paid P200 per photobook.  P600 na rin yun. 


  1. Yet to try Photobook. Ang hirap mamili ng photos na ilalagay or maybe because I've got five boys. Just done with sorting and tom i plan to do my layout. So excited to finish this and see how it looks like.

    1. Hirap talaga mamili, nagstart na kang ko sa recent photos . :)

  2. I agree, ang hirap talagang mamili ng pictures tapos iilan lang yung ipapaprint hehe. And sa dami din naming pictures, tinatamad akong simulan haha. Anyway, looks promising si Photobook. Mahilig si MIL sa ganyan, maregaluhan nga minsan.

  3. Mahirap talaga mamili kapag magpapaprint ng pictures but let's be honest it is nice to see a hard copy ng photos than lagi lang nasa fb diba? :)

    1. True, iba pa rin ang may hardcopy kaysa softcopy. :)

  4. I'm a big fan of Photobook Philippines/Worldwide! I don't remember the first time I ordered from them, parang 4 years ago yata, and I have a collection of nice photobooks now. ^_^

  5. I like photobook. I have one and would love to have more kung hindi lang nakakapagod magsort ng pictures hahaha :D

    1. True, nakakapagod mamili at mag-edit ng photos. hehehe!

  6. I love Photobook, before gumagawa ako ng diy photobook nakaka enjoy at nakakawala ng stress kaso like you sa subrang dami ng photos hirap pumili hahahah!

    1. I started with scrapbook nga pero hindi ko rin natapos so mas okay si Photobook. :)

  7. Photobook user here! Just received my first hardbound book. lol. I agree with you, so much cheaper sya kesa bumili ng album + paprint + compile2x sa album! haha. I was planning to try this one pero when I saw na isang pic lang per page, hindi ko tinuloy, nanghihinayang ako sa page! kuripot. lol.

    1. Di ba mahal ang photo album? Mas maganda din tingnan yung photo books. Wait for promos, I got another free code, kaya may second order ako. :)

  8. nakakainggit naman. i once signed up for a photo book trial, pero ayaw naman magwork din. mababa daw ang rresolution ng photos ko so the app won't work. kaya I didn't even try this one na lang. somebody said she'll make me one if i send her photos. no app na lang muna gamitin ko. nawala kasi hi res wedding photos namin eh

    1. I feel you, some of my photos din yan ang error so I started with my recent photos na lang, yung mga old photos kasi mababa resolution. I'm using both app and online editor. :)

  9. Ay true, may bug daw app and they are fixing it. Same experience when I was creating our Japan trip last week. So ngayon, di ko pa na-aupload mga photos. 2 projects pa naman yun. Tsk!

    1. Email your concern so they can give you instructions on how to reupload the project. I just ordered another project just this week and I did not encounter any error.

  10. Ay I love Photobook!!! I actually downloaded the software. Thats what I use for our yearbooks!