March 19, 2018

Glimpse of Skyview Lounge at NAIA 3

My husband had a sudden trip in Indonesia last week and because of the two days notice, PAL is already fully booked so the travel agency gave him other options and he settled with a budget airline which is Cebu Pacific Air because there is no layover, other airlines have layover pa. 

Good thing that his credit card allows him to access the Skyview Lounge in NAIA 3. He tried this lounge before, but he was surprised to know that there is no more unlimited airport lounge for him. Citibank already changed their airport lounge benefits, so he only has two complimentary airport lounges per year. Read the reminders below. 

Citi Cards Philippines Important Reminders

By January 31, 2018, Citi PremierMiles (4532 48 / 4034 19) and Citi Platinum Visa (4532 48) cardholders need to present their active DragonPass e-card in order to access Miascor and Skyview Lounges. CH to also present the Citi credit card, passport and international boarding pass. 

For Citi Prestige Visa Infinite Card (4532 48), CH must still present their Priority Pass Card. 

No change for Citigold World Debit Mastercard, Visa Debit and ATM cards. 

How to Create your DragonPass Account 

1. Fill out the form at the exclusive registration page at Just make sure that you have your Citi Credit card details on hand. 
2. Check email from to access DraginPass ID ad PIN (check spam folder) 
3. Log in to your account using your DragonPass membership number and PIN. Log on to on your phone browser or download and install the DragonPass app on your smartphone. (NO ACTIVATION NEEDED) 

DragonPass Benefits 

* 2 Complimentary lounge passes. If you are a Citi PremierMiles or a Citi Platinum Visa cardholder, you are entitled to create only 1 DragonPass account and to enjoy 2 complimentary lounge passes per DragonPass membership per year. If you have both these cards, you are still entitled to only one DragonPass account with 2 complimentary visits per DragonPass membership year.
* 20% off on lounge access fees for your succeeding and additional guest visits. Discounted rates are published on the DragonPass app. 

So after using the 2 free airport lounge, credit card holder needs to pay for succeeding airport lounges use. I just have no idea how much is the rate of the airport lounge. 

According to my husband, the Skyview Lounge is just small, maybe because there is a separate room for Emirates passengers kaya lumiit ang space ng lounge. When it comes to food and drinks, it is very limited if you will compare it with other Domestic lounges like Mabuhay Miles Lounge in NAIA 2, Club Manila and Miascor Lounge in NAIA 1. 

The food is limited and matagal din mag-refill but he enjoyed the Singaporean Noodles that was served during his stay. 

If you haven’t tried airport lounges, check here the different ways how to get into airport lounges. Check here the different airport lounges that I have reviewed. 

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