March 22, 2018

Lunch at All 4 U Unlimited Korean Restaurant

Even we are not a hearty eater, we still eat at buffet restaurant because we love trying out a new restaurant. I saw All 4 U Unlimited Korean Restaurant when we dined at Tenya Tempura Tendon last January. Magkatabi lang sila and the restaurant is barely new, I think they just opened December 2017. I took note of this restaurant and I even shared it with my friends just in case they are interested. 

After few months, we finally tried this Korean restaurant. My husband called the restaurant day before our visit because I’ve read that we need a reservation during weekdays. After attending my son’s Recognition Day, off we went to Festival Mall. 

We arrived past 12NN and there are only two occupied tables. The restaurant is not that big, so it is important to make a reservation to avoid waiting time. The staff ushered us to our table and gave us the menu, he just asked what soup base we like and if we will eat rice. 

My husband just ordered 3 cups of rice. I wanted to order the organic soup but it is not available so we settled for Bulgogi Soup (sweet). All soups are based on organic ingredients such as kelp, Korean ginseng, graviola, moringa, garlic, ginger, and shitake. It took them 36 hours to make the organic soup base, kaya siguro not available, wala pa luto. Hehehe! 

Soup Choices 

Organic Shabu Shabu (mild taste) 
Kimchi Soup (Challenge Korean Traditional Spicy) 
Bulgogi Flavor Soup (sweet and salty) 
Pork Galbi Soup (sweet and a bit spicy) 
Fish Cake Soup (salty and a bit spicy) 

All 4 U is a grill and shabu shabu Korean restaurant so you can enjoy unlimited grill and soup. It is a buffet but you don’t choose/get your own food, the staff will serve everything for you. You don’t have any control over the quantity too. The regular rate is P699 but we paid only the promo rate which is P599, I have no idea how long is the promo rate but I hope it will be P599 forever.

You can enjoy unlimited fresh shrimp, chicken breast, beef brisket, fresh pork belly, Korean Fish Cake, Rice, Ice Tea, Lettuce, Korean soup, Korean style sauces, and Korean side dishes. They have an additional offer which is Instant Korean Noodle and Korean ice cream (Melona). I hope they can add garlic or onion. 

We are a group of 4 adults and 1 kid so this is the first serving. Each table has one grill, chopsticks, spoons, cups, small plates, tongs, scissors, and instant noodles. Watch the video here. 

When they served the soup, the ingredients are already inside the bowl. It is very different from other shabu-shabu restaurants that we have tried. I prefer putting my own ingredients in my soup. 

For the Korean side dishes, they served dilis with peanuts, achara and kimchi. For Korean-style sauces, they served the spicy special sauce, sesame oil with salt and pepper, and soy sauce. 

I love watching Korean Drama series and I noticed that they love dining at grilling restaurants. Parang sa dami ng napanood ko, lagi sila naggrill ng food. So even I dislike eating raw vegetables, I tried wrapping my meat on lettuce and masarap naman pala. I even tried their ramen too and it is similar to udon, medyo manipis lang.  

We reorder shrimp and beef belly. Among the choices, our least favorites are the fish cake and chicken. Make sure that you finish what you order because there is a P500 fine for leftovers. When we asked for the bill, they gave us ice cream. We enjoyed our buffet meal and I can definitely say that this won’t be the last. The service is good. I just hope they will improve their exhaust system, because we absorbed all the smell of the food that we cooked. 

Side Story: After our lunch, we went to Landmark because I will buy pillows. At the counter, the cashier said “Amoy pagkain, nakakagutom”. E bilihan yun ng mga gamit sa bahay, malayo sa restaurant so it only means, ako yung naaamoy niya. Waah! 

How to Eat 

Unlimited Grill

Grill your unlimited meats

1st Beef Brisket
2nd Pork Belly (Korean Special Cut)
3rd Korean Marinated Chicken
4th Fresh Shrimp


Kimchi JJigae - Boil for 15-20 min
Bulgogi Soup - After tasting it, cook a Korean Noodle
Shabu-Shabu Soup - Enjoy with vegetables, shrimps and beefs

Check other Korean restaurants that we have tried. 

Baek Yuen Korean Restaurant
Bulgogi Brothers 

Update April 2018

We went back last April 9, it was a holiday and we did not make any reservation. Fortunately, there is an available table for 5 persons. They have Korean background music na and sa sobrang lakas, masakit na sa tenga. I prefer restaurant na walang music, para mas enjoy ang pagkain at pakikipag-usap. 

Update October 2019

October is my son's birthday month so since ayaw naman niya magparty or staycation, kumain na lang kami sa labas. All 4 U is my son's choice for his birthday celebration. Actually, nagsuggest pa ko ng iba para matry naman namin ang ibang eat-all-you-can restaurants pero ito talaga gusto niya. So off we went to Festival Mall.

We did not make any reservation and fortunately, meron pa available space. We arrived at 11:20AM and upon seated, the staff immediately served the side dishes, sauces, and beef and turned on the grill pan. She went back to serve other foods and she gave me the menu so I can choose the soup. I ordered Organic Soup. Wow, ang bilis na ng service ha, ready to eat na agad pagkaupo.

A few changes that I noticed, when the staff served the soup, I was surprised because the ingredients are on a separate plate. Dati kasi nasa bowl na agad. Wala na rin yung maingay na music. Manipis na yung sliced ng pork belly and maliit na rin ang sliced ng fish cake. They also changed the rate for the kids, dati kasi by age, ngayon by height na. Lugi na naman ang matatangkad na bata. Despite the changes, we all enjoyed our unlimited Korean food trip. We're done eating after an hour.

All 4 U Rates

Unlimited Promo (net price, no vat, no service charge) P599 
Senior/PWD/8-12 yrs old/Birthday celebrant – P350 
1-7 yrs old – FREE 

All 4 U Rates (2019)
Unlimited Promo (net price, no vat, no service charge) P599 
Senior/PWD/Birthday celebrant – P350 
below 4.5 ft - P350
below 3.5 ft  - FREE

Reservation is needed during Weekdays 

walk-in only after 5:30PM 

Weekend – walk-in only 

Leftover: P500 fine 
No Take-out policy 
Limited to two and half hour (Dining time 2hrs and 30 minutes) 
Discount with ID Only 
No smoking in the store. 

All 4 U Buffet, Grilled, Korean
G/F Water Garden, Festival Mall, 
Corporate Ave, Alabang, Muntinlupa 
11AM to 10PM (No Break Time) 
Mondays to Sundays


  1. Uy! Malapit sa amin sa South!
    Ang-cute ng side story mo mommy (hehe)

    I would love to try this with my family, my husband loves anything grilled so feeling ko ma-eenjoy nya ito, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Mukhang masarap! Sayang Festival mall. Pag lipat na lang namin. Pero you just gave me an idea on what to do for our anniversary this Thursday.

    1. Masarap kumain pag may special occasion. :)

  3. We ate at a similar resto. The name of the one we went to was KPub BBQ and Grill. The concept is exactly the same. Kpub has different packages though. The one we got was eat-all-you-can buffet, good only for one hour. It was called Eat and Run. Haha! Wanna try this one so we can compare which one is better in terms of taste.

    1. Ang dami na nga Korean restaurant ngayon. Parang bitin ang 1hr, sana 2hrs yung time limit nila.

  4. Pag may birthda po may discount po ba?