April 11, 2018

Collect Moments with Photobook Worldwide

Whenever we travel, I don’t usually buy souvenirs because I find them expensive, so I considered our pictures and videos as a souvenir. I won’t deny that these pictures are just saved on my external hard drive or laptop. I don’t really print pictures unless I will put it in a photo frame.

I started a scrapbook when my son was still a baby, but I wasn’t able to continue his scrapbook. So, I told myself that will just order photo books so it would be easy for me. I’ve been checking a lot of sites that offer photo book pero hanggang check lang ko. Part of me wants to order and part of me doesn’t want to order because I’m afraid that I won’t receive my order.

After so many years of contemplating, I finally purchased my vouchers at Photobook Worldwide last Black Friday Sale. I bought P100 (from P700) voucher for Insta Cards set and P120 (from P1400) voucher for 8x6 Landscape Softcover Photobook (40 pages). Aside from the discounted voucher, I also got a FREE 6x6 Mini Square Softcover Photobook, 40 pages (Black Friday Reward). The voucher expiration date is April 10, 2018.

I bought the voucher last November 2017 and when January 2018 came, I tried to use my voucher. I downloaded the software and I checked the different templates that I can use. I was having a hard time uploading and editing my pictures. I don’t know if my computer or my internet connection is the problem. I gave up because I feel that I’m just wasting my time and I cannot finish everything.

Fast forward to March, I learned that Photobook Worldwide has an app, you can check My First Photobook Using Photobook Worldwide App post. I was happy with my experience because it only took few minutes to order and pay for my project. In addition, I received my order after 5 days. To think that the package came all the way from Malaysia.

And because of that, I tried to use my vouchers again.  My husband gifted me a new laptop last month so I did not have any problem with uploading and editing my photos. Yey, mabilis na laptop ko. I did not download the app, I just used the Online Web Editor. It is so easy to use so don’t be afraid to try it.

1. Insta Cards Set 2 (69 pieces) P100 voucher 

I just choose my favorite photos and upload them to the online web editor. I just drag and drop the photos and aligned them to the center. I did not edit the brightness and contrast so when I received my order, meron mga pictures na sobrang dark.

When I placed my order, I don’t understand why it doesn’t let me choose the default paper. Even I select the Default paper, it still goes back to Thick Fine Art Card for P60. So I have no choice but to pay for the paper upgrade. So I paid P60 (Paper Upgrade) + P200 shipping fee to the Philippines.

March 22 - Ordered and paid P260 via Paypal
March 27 - Received Insta Cards Set 2 order via DHL
Total: P360

The Insta Cards Sets are really small, 2x2 lang siya so ang liit. Pwedeng pang wallet lang or you can make a collage and frame it.

2. FREE 6x6 Mini Square Softcover Photobook (40 pages)

I received my Insta Cards Set 2, after 5 days too. On the same day, I used my free voucher (from P1200) and placed an order for my 6x6 Mini Square Softcover Photobook. It was my first time using a template and I was happy with the result. They have different templates that you can choose from like travel, holiday, family, or even a wedding. I chose Travel Template for our Iceland Trip. I thought that the shipping fee is always P200 but with my 6x6 project, I paid P250 shipping fee.

March 27 – ordered and paid P250 via Paypal
April 3 – Received my order
Total: P250

3. 8x6 Landscape Softcover Photobook (40 pages) P120 voucher

It took me a long time to finish this project because I don’t know what I’m going to make. But since I always blog about my Highlights of (insert year), I decided to start my Best of the Year Photobook Project, started with the year 2017. I used a premade template, but it was a challenge to choose the best pictures of the year. I was happy that I only paid P200 for the shipping fee, mas mahal pa yung 6x6 softcover na order ko.

April 5 - Ordered and paid P200 via Paypal
April 11 - Received my order via DHL
Total: P320

What I like? 

Compared to the Photobook Worldwide App, I like using the online web editor because it has more choices of products, more premade templates and I can put more photos and even text. So far, I did not encounter any problem when I used my 3 vouchers. I’m satisfied with my photobooks and if you check the total, it is not that expensive. So I can definitely say that I will order again but I will wait for a sale so I can purchase cheap vouchers. This is also a nice gift for family or friends.

Update: March 2019

Last November, I took advantage of the Black Friday Sale and bought two vouchers of 8x6 Landscape Softcover Photobook (40 pages) at P120 each. After Photobook increased their shipping fee, I deleted the Photobook Mobile App kasi 20 pages lang yung Photobook dun tapos P250 shipping fee.

I almost forgot about the voucher and mag-expire na pala ng March 31, 2019 so nagcram na naman ako. I used one voucher for our Sabtang, Batanes Tripand the second voucher for our Bangkok Trip. After doing the project, I felt sad when I learned that they already increased their shipping fee to P250. Ang mahal na pala. I was shocked when I received an email regarding the Delivery, NinjaVan daw magdedeliver. Nasanay ko sa DHL then after a few days of waiting, the package came. I was expecting that the package is from Malaysia but I was wrong, the package is from Mandaluyong, Philippines. Waah! Mandaluyong na lang pero P250 ang shipping. Nakakaloka.

P120 - Photobook Voucher
P250 - Shipping fee
P370 - Total for one 8x6 softcover photobook

March 13 - ordered photobook and paid P250 via Paypal
March 15 - received an email regarding Delivery.
March 19 - photobook delivered by NinjaVan

And because of the delay in the delivery, I immediately used my second voucher at baka 48yrs na naman bago dumating. Unfortunately, they did not deliver it within 5-7 days so I made a follow-up. I was advised that there was a delay because of the quality issue so they need to reprint it again. So kung di pa ko nagfollow-up, hindi sila mag-inform about the delay. The package was sent the following day and I was happy when I saw DHL tracking number, at least alam ko na next day delivery siya. But I was sad when I opened my package, wala na rin plastic so may fold yung corner ng Photobook but I did not complain anymore but I was thinking kung mag-avail ko or hindi na ng voucher.

March 18 - ordered photobook and paid P250 via Paypal
March 25 - I haven’t received my Photobook order so I sent an email to follow-up.
March 26 - They advised me about the shipping. This time the package came from Malaysia, hindi na sa Philippines.
March 27 - I received my order.

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  1. How's the quality of the paper? I want to have our travel photos printed also. I've been planning to do that for the longest time.. lol

    1. The quality of the paper is good so I can say that it will last. They also have an option if you want to upgrade the paper. ;)