April 18, 2018

Good Parenting Should Include Education on Menstruation

In the old days, menstruation or the monthly period is considered a social taboo. It is perceived as unclean and shameful or embarrassing to even mention or talk about menstruation in public or in private. There is hardly any public education on menstruation except for mothers preparing and getting their young daughters ready for their first period in the privacy of the bedroom. Some young girls would have learned from the whispering between their mother, aunties, and older sisters.

Many girls get their first period between ages 12- 14, but it can also start earlier or later. These day girls are getting their period at a much younger age, sometimes as young as 10 years. With this revelation, good parenting should include earlier education to prepare their girls for their first period and monthly menstruation, so that they will know what to expect and what to do when the day comes. They will not be caught unaware and unprepared but will be ready to enter into womanhood with confidence. The sight of blood stain on their panty could be shocking and frightening to them at such a young age.

Having a period is very normal and our girls should have the confidence to carry on with their normal activities during their teen periods. There is nothing wrong with taking baths, shower, washing of hair, and doing the normal everyday things. There is no reason to stop their sports activities. For those who are actively involved in sports, it is good to wear specially designed period underwear such as Knixteen boyshorts which has backup protection against inevitable leaks, odor, and moisture. It has a built-in thin panty liner which is absorbent to save you from embarrassing leaks. Knixteens are made seamless from a super thin good quality material.

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