April 20, 2018

The Purpose of Hiding Your IP Address

Many internet users do not know the importance of hiding their IP addresses. Many do not know the purpose of an IP address. The IP address or the Internet Protocol address is a numerical label assigned to every computer or to mobile device. The IP address provides our location whenever we accessed any website online and it can track our activity while we visit the various sites. The Internet is not as simple as most of us think.

There are many reasons why it is important to hide our IP address. We can hide our IP address by using a VPN service, Tor, a Proxy server, or free/public Wi-Fi. Using the best VPN for torrenting, browsing, streaming, and others will keep the users anonymous and secure online. 

The Purpose of Hiding Your IP Address 

1. If I do not hide my IP address, I will be leaving behind a trace of my identity on every website I visited. I can remain anonymous when browsing online by hiding my real IP address via encryption.
2. When I am out of my own country, I can continue to enjoy streaming as an anonymous.
3. I can stay safe from snoopers looking to access my information because my real location is disguised.
4. I will be protecting myself from lurking hackers when using a Wi-Fi hotspot. Hotspots are open to everyone and are not secured, nor protected.
5. With my IP address hidden, I can access content not available in my location.
6. I can also bypass restrictions and hide my internet activity from surveillance and national internet censorship such as school, business, and organizations, and protects my online activities from being tracked.
7. By hiding my IP address, the internet service provider will not be able to track and hold on to the data generated by my online activities and my online searches will remain private.
8. My online activities will be hidden from search engines that track and store data on my browsing activities. Always remember to clear the cookies after every browsing session.
9. With my IP address hidden, I am guaranteed the privacy to enjoy internet freedom.

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  1. Actually many of those in the list is still doable even if you are to hide your IP Address. Also depends on how you hide the IP Address, many providers of such or anonymous proxy are actually snooping the packets.