November 28, 2014

DIY Advent Calendar

I still remember when I was young, my aunt brought Kinder Surprise Egg Advent Calendar, we were so excited for our turn to open one kinder egg. Too bad Kinder Egg is yet available here in the Philippines and I don’t know if Kinder Joy offers it. I’ve been meaning to make an advent calendar since my son was 4 years old but I wasn’t able to do it so two days ago, I promised myself that I will make an Advent calendar. 

Advent is one of their lessons in Christian Living so it is the best time to make one and I know my son would be excited to countdown. The Advent calendar is a special calendar that is used to count the days in preparation for Christmas.

I was thankful for different ideas and free printables on Pinterest so making an advent is not difficult. Two nights ago, I printed everything I need and started cutting. 

The following day while my son is still in school, I made DIY Christmas envelopes again because I need 12 pieces to complete the 24 days. 

Place the number on each envelope and put the activity paper inside the envelope. 

1. You get a piece of candy. 

2. Write a note to Jesus. 
3. Make a gift for someone. 
4. Mom will read you a Christmas Story. 
5. Make a fun Christmas craft
6. Watch a favorite Christmas movie. 
7. Play Festive Christmas songs and dance. 
8. Pick out a Christmas Treat. 
9. Make a Christmas cards to give your family
10. PJ Day. 
11. You get to play a video game of your choice for 40min. 
12. Make a new ornament for your tree
13. Watch a favorite Christmas movie. 
14. Sing the 12 days of Christmas 12 times. 
15. Make a Christmas craft
16. Record yourself singing a Favorite Christmas song. 
17. Read a favorite Christmas story. 
18. Call someone you love just to say “hi” 
19. Bake Christmas cookies
20. Bake something special for someone special. 
21. See Christmas lights. 
22. Drink hot cocoa. 
23. Read Christmas story. 
24. Open a present. 

Then I stick all the envelopes at the back of an old calendar. 

I was happy with the result because I thought I couldn’t make it on time. I hang the advent in our door. 

I also printed this Christmas tree for another countdown activity, put it in cardboard and cover it with plastic cover. I am still looking for Christmas ball stickers. 


Christmas countdown
Christmas Advent Calendar
Children’s Advent Calendar


  1. My kids got an advent calendar filled with chocolates last year and they loved it! :D

  2. This is my first time to see an advent calendar. Why didn't my mom make this for me before. Looks very interesting. Would love to try this, my 3yr old will surely enjoy this countdown :)

  3. So nice! We hardly have a time to think of advent though :-) It will be a nice project though for my kids.

  4. This is a nice idea! I'm pretty sure it would also be perfect for homeschooling, too. I will have to wait until next year though!

  5. this is such a great idea and my family will surely enjoy this kind of activity. I will also try to create one.

  6. Wow! Great Idea! I will do it in the future. #excitedmuch! Already bookmark this page! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Wow, this is a great idea of things that you want to do in the future or everyday. I miss doing this kind of arts and crafts :( Been busy with blogging lately, not time doing simple things that make me happy!

  8. Galing naman. Very good idea:)