November 26, 2015

Christmas Countdown

Just like that November is about to end and we are going to start our Christmas countdown next week. Since I will be busy this coming long weekend because my mom would be home for vacation, I finished the Advent calendar and Christmas countdown yesterday. 

Since I have no much time to prepare, I just reuse the DIY Advent Calendar that I’ve made last year. I have to replace the two wrinkled envelopes and listed treats or tasks for 24 days.

1. Today we decorate the Christmas tree 
2. Listen to fun Christmas music.
3. Learn about the Legend of the Candy Cane.
4. Make an ornament or decoration 
5. Read a new Christmas story 
6. Go for a drive to see the Christmas lights. 
7. Make a Christmas card. 
8. Learn about holidays in another culture 
9. Make a Christmas card. 
10. You get to play an iPad game of your choice for 40minutes. 
11. Make a gift for someone special. 
12. Record yourself singing a favorite Christmas song. 
13. Adding one item to the grocery list. 
14. Call someone you love just to say hi! 
15. A Special Christmas treat. 
16. Hot chocolate made especially for you. 
17. Write a letter to Jesus. 
18. Staying up 20 minutes past bedtime. 
19. Watch a special Christmas movie with treats. 
20. Bake Christmas cookies.
21. It’s a family game night. 
22. Playing a game of your choice. 
23. Unwrap one present early 
24. Read Luke 2, 1-20; A Christmas Story. 

Then I printed a Santa Claus Christmas countdown

How about you? Are you ready for the holidays? 

Santa Claus Christmas Countdown
Christmas Coupon


  1. I really like you DIY Advent Calendar and its nice that you make it look brand new just by re using it.. LOVE the idea Sis. Everything is something to look forward too with all activities listed.

  2. galing naman. have to make myself one one day☺

  3. I love the calendar! I'm excited for Christmas as well. Although I haven't actually made a to-do list for Christmas yet.

  4. I wanted to make an advent calendar for my daughter but with the baby, I wasn't able to make one.

  5. What a great idea for a countdown! This is really nice when you have kids at home. It's going to make Christmas more fun!

  6. I am so not yet ready for Christmas, just did a little gift shopping. We don't usually do countdowns except last year when I did an Advent calendar. We only get really busy for Christmas when the kids have their Christmas vacation.