April 06, 2021

A Visit to Glomdal Museum in Elverum Norway

Seven months had passed since the last time I posted about our Scandinavian trip. My Facebook memories reminded me that it’s been two years already since our trip and we’re supposed to go back to Norway this year but we can’t because of the travel ban.  

I’ve been delaying my travel posts because of the pandemic but now I will try my best to finish this series because I really miss traveling. This is my way to combat my “travitude” and to reminisce our past trips because I don’t know if it will happen again in the near future. 

Two years ago, we had a chance to visit Elverum, Norway. This city is just two hours away from Oslo, you can either take the train or bus. It just so happened that my sister used to live in Elverum so we had a reason to visit this place. We don’t have an itinerary but we were able to visit few tourist spots including Glomdal Museum.  

Glomdal Museum is one of Norway’s largest open-air museums with 92 antiquarian buildings. This museum unfolds the culture and history of Solør and Østerdalen since 1911. One of their responsibilities is to document the culture of the Romani people/Tatars. 

The place is big so there are so many things to see and to do; both indoor and outdoor. You can visit the different buildings and houses scattered around the area. The museum park houses 92 buildings from the period of 1612 - 1940. 

You can see the Street School, Stone Building, Schrøder Shop, Petershagen Tavern, Playground Farmstead, Tynset Farmstead, Water-Powered Plants, South Sami Settlement from Engerdal, Rendal Farmstead, Stor-Elvdal Farmstead, Åmot Farmstead, Elverum Farmstead, The Tent House, Solør Farmstead, Finne Farmstead, Croft, Cabins, and Houses from the Forest and Summer Pasture Dairy Farms. 

You can also stay indoors and explore the permanent and temporary exhibitions. For exhibitions, you can check Latjo Drom, Hedmarking, Form, The Gallery, Military History, Old Country Doctor, and the Pharmacy. The last three exhibitions are located in the Stone Building, a long walk from the main building. 

Latjo Drom is the first permanent exhibition that was opened in the spring of 2006. It shows the culture and history of the Romani people and the traveling people who have been part of the Norwegian society for more than 500 years. 

Hedmarking is made to present the people in Hedmark, who they are, their differences, and challenges living in a diverse society. 

Form exhibition displays the different artifacts from their region and other collections that were created by their craftsmen. It is about the changing trends and impulses, the taste and pleasure of the craftsmen that were influenced by the leading cities in Europe. 

The Gallery is a temporary exhibition about what happened in April 1940, it was the time when Hitler attacked Norway but the King refused the German ultimatum. 

The Military History exhibition provides an overview of the 1000 years of military history from Viking age up to the modernization of the Armed Forces. It emphasizes the development of weapons and fortresses during the German invasion. 

The Old Country Doctor and The Pharmacy is where you get an insight into medicine, common diseases, health issues, and how doctors travel and treat their patients in the past. 

There are English translations on each museum so even there is no museum guide you will understand each exhibition. I suggest you visit this place during summer so you can do more activities like feeding and tending the animals. Kids will also enjoy the playground tavern. But since we visited during the second week of April and the ground was covered with snow, we just do some craft activities inside the museum. We can also take home our finished Easter Craft Projects. 

At the main building, you can buy some souvenirs or eat at Cafe Anno, it was lunchtime but there are limited food selections so we just ate waffles, bread, and coffee. Then we went straight to Norwegian Forest Museum which is 20 minutes walk from Glomdal Museum. 

Glomdal Museum Entrance Fees 

110NOK - Adult 
50NOk - Children 
80NOK - Students/Seniors 
160NOK - 1 Adult + Own Children 
270NOK - 2 Adults + Own Children 
90NOK - Group of 10/per person 
+40NOK - including Norwegian Forest Museum 

The Glomdal Museum 
Museumsvegen 15, 
2406 Elverum, Norway

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