April 07, 2021

A Visit to Norwegian Forest Museum in Elverum Norway

Norwegian Forest Museum is another tourist spot in Elverum Norway, it is 20 minutes walk from Glomdal Museum via the Suspension Hanging bridge. It is best to avail the joint ticket so you can visit two museums in one day. This museum is also one of the largest museums in Norway and every year, they receive more than 100,000 visitors. 

Just like the Glomdal Museum, they have both indoor and outdoor collections but since we are tired, freezing cold and the path is slippery, we spent most of our time indoors. But on our way to the Norwegian Forest Museum building, we have already seen some of the attractions. 

The Open-Air Collection includes Arboretum, Blast Furnace for Iron-Production, Mobile Saw, Head Saw, Flood Monument, Fire Tower, Forest Cabins, Fishing Cabins and Boathouses, Traps, Fishing Pond for Children, Suspension Bridge, Botanical Garden, River Park, Stream Workshop and Willow Park. If you want to enjoy the outdoor attractions, visit the museum during the summer season so children can do fishing, climb the fire tower, enjoy the 80 different trees in Arboretum, and other activities that are only available in July. 

Norwegian Forest Museum showcases the history of hunting, trapping, forestry, and fishing industry. They have different exhibitions that you can explore like The Fantastic Tree, Forest in Focus, Pathways Through Nature, and Aquarium. 

The Fantastic Tree is about the life, death, and history of tree life. It also explains photosynthesis with the help of light effects. 

Forest in Focus exhibition where you can learn how the forests in Norway developed since the last ice age. It also describes the usage of the Norwegian forest. 

The Pathways Through Nature presents biodiversity. You will discover the Norwegian animals and birds, fishers and hunters, and their joy, experiences, and challenges from past to present. 

The Aquarium is the most popular attraction where you can find freshwater species like pike, perch, char, and trout. 

During our visit, there is a free workshop so we tried making our own bracelet and we took it home too. 

It was a long day for us, we’re really tired and hungry so we decided to go home. Even our feet are already complaining, we still walked again for about 30 minutes because we are saving money. Hehehe! As we all know, transportation in Norway is expensive. Walking is not a problem because they have a sidewalk. 

Norwegian Forest Museum Admission Prices 

110NOK - Adult 
50NOK - Children 
80NOK - Seniors 
40NOK - Primary School and Kindergartens 
60NOK - Upper Secondary School 
80NOK - College 
160NOK - 1 Adult + Own Children
270NOK - 2 Adults + Own Children 
90NOK - Group of 10/per person 
+40NOK - including Glomdal Museum

Norwegian Forest Museum 
Solørvegen 151, 
2407 Elverum, Norway 

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