June 27, 2017

Day Trip in Trondheim Norway

Trondheim is the third-largest city, the Viking capital, the religious capital, and the third most populous place in Norway. According to Wikipedia, as of January 1, 2016, they have 187,353 people. It is situated in Sor-Trondelag where Nidelva river and Trondheim Fjord meet. 

During our summer vacation in Norway, we’ve been to Trondheim several times. First is when we arrived from the Philippines, next is when we went to Røros, when we accompanied my husband to Trondheim Bus station, when we went to Iceland, and lastly when we went back to the Philippines. 

Among the five times that we’ve been to Trondheim, we had one day to explore the city or should I say few hours only. We planned to have a Day Trip in Trondheim before my husband went back to the Philippines but unfortunately, our plan was not pushed through because we could not leave early. My mom needs to attend a funeral, sakto pa talaga sa trip namin. We had no choice but to wait for her.

We also need to consider the schedule of the Ferry Boat, so we were in Trondheim past 2PM na. Upon docking, we immediately went to Trondheim Train Station so we can store the luggage of my husband before we start our walking tour. The locker was big enough, one 30kls luggage and one hand-carry luggage were able to fit inside. 

The weather was not nice but rain or shine we started our tour in the city of Trondheim. We don’t have an itinerary or map so we literally just walk and look for the tourist spots. We’re happy to see another side of Norway, we’ve been seeing mountains and seas for the past two weeks so finally, hello cityscape. 

I’ve been to Trondheim before because my aunt invited us to stay in her house for a few days so we were able to see the city but it was loooong time ago and all I can remember is we went to the Royal Residence and TyholttårnetSharing with you, our walking tour. 


Munkholmen is an islet in Trondheimsfjord, it used to be a fortress prison, monastery, a place of execution, and a World War II anti-aircraft gun. We always see this fortress whenever we ride the boat on our way to Trondheim. This is a popular tourist spot so if you want to see the fortress up close, you need to ride a boat. 

Saint Olav Tryggvason Statue 

The 18-meter Saint Olav’s Statue is located at the center of the city square of Trondheim. It is near the Trondheim Torg and Royal Residence. You can see a cobblestone around the statue which serves as a gigantic sundial. St Olav was a King of Norway who built the first church in Norway, founded the Trondheim city, and played an important role in why Norway became a Christian country. 

Nidaros Cathedral

Nidaros Cathedral is the biggest church that I’ve seen in Norway so far. It is the biggest church in Northern Europe and it was built over St. Olav’s grave in the year 1070. It is where the consecration of the King of Norway is held. Unfortunately, we were not able to see the interiors of the church because it was already closed at 2PM. There is a cemetery beside the church too. 

Archbishop’s Palace 

Beside the Nidaros Cathedral is the Archbishop’s Palace where you can see the archeological museum. But the same fate, it was already closed so we were not able to go inside. 

My son was not in the mood already, he doesn’t like to walk and he doesn’t like to take pictures anymore so we decided to finish our walking tour. We just went to the bridge before going back to Trondheim Torg to eat. 

Old Town Bridge (Gamle Bybro) and Bakke Bridge (Bakke Bru) 

Old Town bridge connects the Kjøpmannsgata main street to the Bakklandet neighborhood. The bridge was constructed in the year 1681 by Johan Caspar von Cicignon. This bridge is also known as the “Gate of Happiness” 


Bakklandet is a neighborhood located on the east side of the Nidelva river between the famous bridge, which is Gamle Bybro and Bakke Bru. It is known for its wooden houses and narrow streets. 

McDonald's at Trondheim Torg

We ate at McDonald's. They say that Norway is a very expensive country and I would not deny that. We just ordered snacks for 4 people and our bill is more or less P1500. Pero kung sa Pinas baka wala pa P600 yung order namin.

Even though this is fastfood, it took them so long to prepare the order. After eating you need to clean your own table. No staff that will clear the table for you, self-service lahat.

Stiftsgården or Royal Residence 

While walking, we’ve been seeing a lot of yellow buildings and my mom kept on saying, “Baka yan na yung Royal Residence” so she kept on taking pictures of us basta may yellow. Lol But I told her na malaki yun, hindi yan yung nakita ko dati. On our way back to Trondheim Torg, we finally saw the Royal Residence. Nasa right side pala siya, nagturn left kasi kami agad

Stiftsgården was built in 1774, it has 140 rooms and is probably the largest wooden building in Northern Europe. It is being used by the royal family and guests when in Trondheim. 

We just took a quick photo and we went back to the train station to get my husband's luggage. How I wish, we have more time to explore the city but we need to catch the boat and my husband needs to rest for his long-haul flight. 

We accompanied my husband to Trondheim Bus Station, we did not go with him anymore to save on bus fare. NOK150 one way per person is not cheap. The bus is straight to the airport where Radisson Blu Hotel is located. My husband spent the night in the hotel to catch his morning flight the following day.

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Then we ran to the Ferry Boat Station, buzzer-beater kami, we’re the last passengers to get in. Good thing inabot namin, or else we need to wait a few hours for the next boat schedule. My sister fetches us at the seaport. 


  1. Love the building structures. And though you were able to dock na by 2pm, still you were able to tour the place and enjoy its scenery, weather, and other offerings. I like the idea of self service. Makes me imagine that people in Norway are disciplined people. If only we have that same culture, our country would have been a more beautiful place to live at.

    1. Yes, we were able to see few places in few hours. Mas marami pa sana kung nasa mood anak ko. :)

  2. Norway seems to be a very nice country. It's clean and has amazing buildings and structures. The coin lockers for luggage is very essential for tourists. Sana we have that here in the Philippines.

    1. It is not a coin locker, they only accept debit /credit card for this locker. I agree, okay sana kung meron din locker sa Pinas pero di ko lang sure kung magiging safe ang gamit.

  3. I stayed in yhe apartment infront of the Royal Vacation House, near shopping centers so everyday gala talaga. Super expensive ng Mcdo sa Norway plus ang tagal ng service since yung cashier sya din magkukuha ng orders mo. Last day namin pumila kami super haba kasi gusto namin mag Caramel Frappe tapos wala pa. Super love ko Caramel Frappe nila at chicken wings na super mahal haha!

    1. Wow, ang lapit mo nga sa shopping malls. True, yung cashier sila din nagprepare ng order mo. Parang isang meal nila nasa P400+. Waah!

  4. Love your stunning photos of Norway! Makes me want to visit this country, too! Ang ganda nung color scheme ng mga bahay sa Bakklandet! :)

    1. Thanks! There are a lot of colorful houses in Norway na nakahilera na ganyan. Ganda!

  5. I super love the architecture! I can't even decide which I like best - the cathedral, the buildings, the houses, or the bridge!

  6. I enjoyed reading all your Norway posts and especially looking at the landscape and beautiful views. This may be in a city but it's still quite beautiful. I love the structures. The views are still amazing.

  7. I love your photos! I haven't visited your site in a while but it's always a pleasure. I learned a lot of new things and hope I can go to Norway too one day! Great post!

  8. The landscape and view is amazing. Norway looks like a nice country to visit. I love the photo of the Cathedral

  9. Looks pretty kahit maulan. Ang sarap siguro tumira dyan :)

  10. You are so lucky to see all those beautiful places. Love those colorful houses Bakklandet neighborhood.