November 03, 2022

Cricut Project: Heaven's Gate Shadow Box

Since last week, I’ve been doing some craft projects for All Soul’s Day but I was not able to finish my project because of typhoon Paeng. And because of the typhoon, we had no electricity and no water for 31 hours. So I can’t do anything for the past few days, good thing that I was able to finish the Angel Wing’s Memorial for my late father. 

I purchased this Heaven’s Gate Shadow Box a few months ago because I planned to make this project for our loved ones. With this SVG file, you can make Heaven’s Gate project for your late grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, daughter, son, sister, brother, dad, mom, mum, dog, and cat. There is also a text layer for “glory”, “welcome home” and ‘’eternity”. 

Due to limited time, I only use the “Welcome Home” text layer. For this project, I need 11 layers and I used smooth, texture, and glitter cardstock. I only cut the file but was not able to assemble it because my frame is only 6x6, I thought I have an 8x8 shadow box frame. Waah! Anyway, I’m still posting my PHD (Project Half Done)

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