January 25, 2016

DIY Tooth Pocket

Last month my son visited the pedia-dentist, she advised my son to wiggle the milk teeth in front of his permanent teeth. Unlike other kids, my son’s teeth were so intact na parang ayaw ng umalis. The two permanent teeth were out already but the baby teeth are still there so we have no choice but to remove it to give way to the permanent one. 

A few weeks ago, my son told me that his tooth is already moving so I kept on reminding him to wiggle the tooth so we don’t need to go to the dentist anymore. But of course, he’s so scared of the pain. Though he doesn’t believe in Tooth Fairy, I told him I will be his tooth fairy so I sew Tooth Pockets where he will put his tooth and I printed Tooth Record and Tooth Fairy Receipt. Check my Pinterest to know the source of free printables. 

Sewing this tooth pocket is so easy if you don’t want to sew you can use glue. My son was so happy when he saw these tooth pockets. 

January 16, 2016 

Finally, after several days, he agreed to remove his tooth. My husband showed him a video where the tooth was tied in Nerf Dart. We tried it but the tooth was still there so my husband just pulled the tooth using the thread. 

The first tooth was out so I was able to save P1,800 for this. I was praying that the other tooth will fall out soon so no more trip to the dentist. But unfortunately, ayaw niya umalis. It was moving pero matigas pa siya para bunutin. 

January 23, 2016 

Simple Tooth Extraction by Pediatric Dentist

Last Saturday, we went to the dentist. We’re running late already because my husband informed me that our schedule is 1PM. Waah! According to my calendar, our schedule is still 4PM, binago pala nila and my husband did not inform me. 

The staff informed him the day before but he forgot to inform me because he was in Brunei working and went straight to the airport to go back to the Philippines. Anyway, we’re 10 minutes late and waited for another 5 minutes so they can prepare the room. 

The pedia-dentist asked me kung bubunutin pa ba, mga two weeks matatanggal na daw yung tooth. I asked my son kung masakit na ba yung tooth and he said yes so the doctor said, we need to remove it na. 

So she explained to my son step by step, the doctor applied anesthesia then after two minutes, injection naman ng anesthesia. I was holding my son’s hand to let him know that I’m just there. 

He cried during the process, sino ba naman ang di masasaktan di ba. Pulling the tooth was easy as 1, 2, 3, matagal pa yung sa anesthesia. The staff gave him yoyo and a tooth holder where they placed his tooth.

I was already paying the bill when his dad came, ganun kadali lang and mas matagal pa naghanap ng parking ang daddy niya. My son experienced two ways of removing tooth, so I asked him kung sino mas type niya, si Daddy ba o si dentist. Si Daddy na lang daw, hehehe! Sana nga, so I can save P1,800. 

I know that I can still save money if I will visit other dental clinics but I don’t want to risk the experience at baka matrauma sa dentist. 


  1. The tooth pockets were so cute. And yes I agree that it's better to shed quite amount of money than to take a risk with less experienced dentist.Fortunately we have a family dentist we know way back that bill us less.

  2. I think that it was the best thing to go to a pedia dentist because they really specialize on working with kids and their precious teeth. My nephew recently had a dentist experience that went pretty smoothly. Yay for taking care of teeth!

    I used to believe in the tooth fairy myself.

  3. The tooth pockets are so cute. I haven't used such things like that with my kids when they drop teeth.

  4. When I was a kid I'm also afraid to dentist that's why I prefer to let my father use thread to get my tooth. Cute tooth pockets though. :)

  5. I like those tooth pockets. Naku I should always check Matt's teeth pala. Although, 5 palang naman sya. Intact pa din teeth nya and mukhang mahirap din maalis if ever the permanent teeth will come out na.