May 11, 2023

3D Camper Van Paper Craft

“By day, I’m a crafter. By night, I’m a tired crafter.” hehehe! Since last month my life revolves to crafting because I’ve been joining Bee Happy Crafts Weeklies. Crafting makes me happy but I cannot deny that it is also tiring especially if I need to repeat the process from the start, if I can’t put the pieces together and lastly, cleaning up my mess after doing my project. 

Mother’s Day is approaching but in Norway, it is already over. For this week challenge, we need to share craft project for all the moms in our lives. My mom likes flowers but I already did that last year, you can check this post. So I decided to fulfill one of her dreams, I can’t buy her a camper van or RV but I can make one for her. 

I found this 3D Camper Van template on Pinterest so I check the blog and vlog and it looks simple and easy but I spoke too soon because it took me three days to finish this camper van and I almost scrap the project, I had a difficult time in putting the roof, for some reasons, the glue is not working and I even used my glue gun but it didn’t help. I don’t know why but I’m blaming the glossy cake box that I’ve used. I repurposed the cake box so this project would be sturdy. 

Thanks to my husband because he suggested “double-sided tape” and because of that, I was able to finish my project. I added a card too "Home is where you park"

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