May 30, 2023

Pasalubong from Vietnam

Prior to our Da Nang, Vietnam trip, I already made research on the must-buy items in Vietnam and in my mind, I will buy Non La (Conical Hat), Lanterns, Fish Sauce, Coffee Grounds, and Coconut Candy. I planned to buy these items during our tour or when we have nothing to do at the hotel. But it did not happen because we are lazy to shop because of the rainy weather. 

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On our way back to the Philippines, we still have Vietnamese Dong left so we need to spend the money because we don’t know if we still have a chance to go back. Sayang naman kung hindi magamit. I already learned my lesson because I have Sterling Pound na hindi na tinatanggap sa money changer because luma na daw. Waah! 

Sharing the few items that we bought during our trip to Vietnam; We bought Coconut Crackers, Que Huong Coconut Cake, Coconut Milk Candy, Coconut Cookies, Black Pearl Robusta-Arabica Coffee, and Trung Nguyen Special Coffee at Da Nang International Airport and Ho Chi Minh International Airport. 

Among these items, the must-buy pasalubong for us are coconut milk candy and robusta-arabica coffee.

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