May 04, 2023

Apple Gift Card Holder

I am "Working on my Ph.D. in crafting meaning Project Half Done". Hehehe! This funny quote is so true because I started doing a project yesterday and I’m about to continue it today but all of a sudden, I stopped. Then I started another project and while assembling it, I stopped again. I kept all my unfinished projects and started a new one again. 

I just remembered that tomorrow is 5.5 Sale so it means it is shop o’clock again; an idea just popped into my head so I made a gift card holder and I added a shopping tote bag to match the theme. Fortunately, I was able to finish my Apple Gift Card Holder and Tote Bag, this is part of my entry for Bee Happy Crafts: Red and Yellow theme. 

The apple gift card holder has 7 layers and I like this because it is so easy to make and it can stand on its own. 

But if you want to save on papers, here are another Apple Gift Card Holders with 2 layers only.

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