May 08, 2023

Mother’s Day Card with Cricut

I mentioned in my previous post about my “Project Half Done” so I’m trying my best to finish those projects; one of them is “Mother’s Day Card with Cricut”, which is one of the online classes in Creative Fabrica. 

When I checked the file, it has a lot of layers and colors so I decided to cut all the files using two white cardstock. I did not change the size so it was really a challenge to assemble. I used washi tape at the back and for the rest, I just use the color markers for the flowers and leaves. And because the file is too small, I did not follow the front layer of the basket, I just embossed it. 

I made a mistake in coloring and pasting so the white flowers are not in the correct position but I still continued it. The end result is not perfect but I am happy that I finished it and it made me realize that I can do some craft projects even though I don’t use colored cardstock. If I will redo this project, I will increase the size. 

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