August 23, 2011

29 Years and Counting

Celebrating my birthday and this is the last year that my age will start in 2 but I don’t look and feel old. Hahaha! But looking back, I’m so happy and grateful to God because He’s been with me throughout these years and I could not imagine my life living without His guidance, protection, understanding, and love. 

There are really no words good enough to express how grateful I am for all the blessings that He has given to me though sometimes I feel that I do not deserve it. Thank you, Lord, for giving me 29 years and I am still counting for more years, I know that you have still something for me and the best is yet to come. Happy birthday to me, to my brother, and to my niece! 

I just came back from our Cebu trip so I’m still tired but happy. I will soon share my birthday celebration in Cebu but for now, I will take a break.