August 04, 2011

Little Muralist

17 mos old
I gave my son his first set of crayons when he was one year old because I want him to practice his grip. I also want to know if he will enjoy scribbling and coloring his sketch pad. I was right because he truly enjoyed this activity and he always asks for his crayons. His teacher even praised him because he knows how to hold the chalks and crayons when I enrolled him in summer class.

But I am not sure if that was a good idea because my son wants to do his artwork everywhere, sometimes in our furniture, in our appliances especially our TV screen, in books, in our walls and many more. Our wall is his favorite spot, imagine how stressed I was in removing all the mess, I even asked him to clean his mess as his punishment (bad mommy) but he even enjoyed it.

I already gave up in cleaning our walls because I can’t stop my son from scribbling and coloring it even I told him to spare our walls. I don’t want to sweat on small stuff so I will just wait till he stops painting our walls. Our house badly needs repainting job but I still don’t know when is the right time to repaint our walls.


  1. haha sis! magkamukha yung walls natin!

  2. same experience..the wall is their biggest blackboard. try to clean them with toothpaste esp the crayons. but don't forget to take pictures first..hahaha!

  3. Your son reminds me of my nephew. Before, our house was also full of scribbles! :D Maybe you can try to buy washable crayons so you would not have trouble with cleaning the walls. Still, it's nice to see that he is showing his creative side at an early age. :)

  4. @cha - so we have the same dilemna. =)
    @karla - thanks for your suggestion, i'll check on that.
    @ lelay - toothpaste? i'll try that, but i think 1 tube of toothpaste is not enough. =D

  5. Haha! A future artist in our midst! It's always great to encourage their interest. Hindi pa ako matapang para ibili ang anak ko ng crayons, though they use it a lot sa nursery. I bought him washable ones though, para kahit saan pwede! I did this after he drew all over my white apple mighty mouse using a permanent blue marker! - naging blue ito! kalerky!

    Ang cute ng baby mo, what a lovely smile =)

  6. haha,sobrang nakakarelate ako sis! oh well,for the love of our kiddos kaya go lang :)

  7. We gae my nephew a set of crayons as well (and he's still not yet 2). Todo bantay kami because we're afraid that he might color on the walls too. =)

  8. @ sapphire - yes, go lang kahit panget na walls. hehe!

    @ average jane - good luck sis! bathroom lang namin walang color ang wall, the rest of house, meron. =)

  9. haha! he's cute! we have a future artist, yeah! :)

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