May 14, 2013

Baby Transport That We Have Ttried

Exactly five years ago when I’ve learned the gender of my baby, I was only four months pregnant when my doctor told me that we will have a baby boy. From that moment I started buying baby stuff listed on my “Newborn Checklist” such as baby clothes, bibs, towels, socks, mittens and many more.

Then few days after I gave birth we immediately bought our first baby transport which is a stroller. There are several baby transports that are available in the market. There are carrycots, baskets, slings, backpack, strollers, infant car seats, bicycle carriers and beautiful range of quality prams.

But I do not recommend that you should buy all stuff listed on your baby checklist because I can definitely say that there are things that you will not use. You will realize that there are stuff that are useful and some stuff are not helpful at all.

As I mentioned earlier, we immediately bought stroller only to find out that my baby didn’t want to stay in the stroller. So I tried a baby sling and to my disappointment, my son didn’t like it too. Good thing that I was able to sell the preloved stroller and baby sling online. I tried baby carrier and I was glad that our money was not wasted. My son was really comfortable in this carrier.

When he turned 6 months old, that was the only time that we started using a car seat, I did not only use this inside the car but we also use this at home so he was indeed comfortable using the car seat. If I need to go to the bathroom, I put him in the car seat while watching his favorite DVD.

Until now, we are still using a car seat, especially for long-distance travel. How about you? What is your favorite baby transport?


  1. We have a baby carrier and a stroller. My son was abe to use it until he was 6months old then stroller na. He was so heavy at 7months old that I couldn't bear carrying him for a long time.

  2. Jacob has been using his carseat and stroller since he was born. We started with a Graco Alano Flipit Travel System then moved up to a hand-me-down toddler seat from my husband's family. We got a Chicco Lite Way stroller to replace our bulky Graco since we travel lighter now that he's older. :) Ooh we also used baby carriers like the Moby Wrap when we traveled in the US. Using a carseat is very important for us!

  3. Car seat and Enfant baby carrier were the must-bring things for us.

  4. I am having second thoughts in buying a car seat. She's so malikot kasi inside the car, she just couldn't stay still. Mahalia pa naman ang mga car seats, baka masayang lang. :(