May 27, 2013

Things to Consider When Traveling

Travel is one thing that makes me happy, it is something that I always look forward to whether a domestic or international trip. Even though the preparation and planning stage is somewhat stressful, I don’t mind at all because I know vacation time is approaching.

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Looking back at my past travels, I’m aware that not all were smooth and there were some mishaps along the way but those experiences taught me a lot. Always remember that there are important things that we need to consider when we are traveling and I’m sharing with you my own list. 

1. Documents 

Make sure that you bring all the documents that you need such as ticket, ID, hotel confirmation and passport. See to it that you have a photocopy of your passport, ID’s or credit card. I always have a hard copy or soft copy so just in case something happen. 

I had an experience when my son was 3 years old and the airline staff was asking for his ID or birth certificate to prove that I’m the mother but I don’t have any. That was not our first domestic trip but that was the first time that I was asked for my son’s ID. Good thing they allow us to board but after that incident I always bring a photocopy of his birth certificate. 

2. Money

Money is very significant when traveling so it is very important that you have the right amount with you to pay for airport fees, transportation, food, and accommodation. I always go to the bank or FOREX to buy foreign currency and if it is not available I buy few US dollars. Remember we’re not allowed to bring more than P10,000 outside the Philippines. 

Aside from cash, I always bring my atm and credit card, just in case I run out of money. In addition, you need to check if your ATM is internationally activated. If you have BPI atm card, you need to call to confirm if your card is good for international use. BDO is fine, I was able to use it when I was in Hongkong. Regarding credit card, luckily we’re able to use BPI and HSBC card.

3. Gadgets 

I’m pretty sure that you always bring a laptop, iPad, camera, and cellphones whenever you travel so don’t forget to bring the charger and universal adapter because not all sockets are the same.

4. Phone 

If you are a postpaid subscriber, make sure that you can use the phone abroad. It happened to me again when we went to Hongkong and Macau, my phone was useless because I can’t use it while my husband was able to use his phone, by the way, we have the same network.

I felt so discriminated, “Is it because I only have Plan 299?” Again, I was advised to activate my international roaming before traveling.

5. Weather

Sometimes due to our excitement, we forget to check the weather. I experienced this when we went to Hongkong and Macau. I have no idea that there will be rainshower so we ended up buying raincoats and additional clothes to keep us warm. 

6. Itinerary

Don’t forget your itinerary and maps so you won’t be lost. You can check advisor traveling news to give you an idea and advice on your destination. 

Feel free to add if you think I’m missing something on my list.


  1. I agree, always check weather! Btw, I think dapat $ yung sa 10,000. :D

    1. Pwede din $10k pero wala naman ako nun. =)

      "It is illegal for any incoming or outgoing passenger to bring in or out Philippine Pesos in excess of P10,000.00 without prior authority from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Any violation of this rule may lead to its seizure and civil penalties and / or criminal prosecution. (BSP Circular 98-1995)

      The transportation of foreign currency or monetary instruments is legal. However, the carrying of foreign currency in excess of US$10,000.00 or its equivalent in other foreign currencies must be declared to a Customs Officer or the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. VIolation of this rule may lead to seizure and sanctions, fines and / or penalties."

    2. this is weird! this is new to me. ang alam ko (which is a common law) yung pagdadala lang ng $10k. tsk tsk. If I know sa Pilipinas lang merong ganito para maka kurakot ang mga officials. Technically, 10k Php is too small. Andami kong kilala who travel carrying more than 100k Php. Tsk. tsk.

  2. hehehehe nung una akala ko P10k nga tlaga sya kaya nung tinanong ako sa singapore kung enough n b yung 10k sabi ko oo kasi may hotel naman n ako at bayad n yun...kala ko talaga d pwede tumaas s P10k pala $10k pala ang d pwede not pesos na 10K ,,,hehehehe

  3. oh yes, we all need those moolah and documents and cam when traveling ! top 3 of my most important things to bring on a trip

  4. We've never travelled outside the Philippines yet, so we never really had to bring the ID and birth certificate of our son. I'll keep that in mind if and when we're going out of the country hopefully soon.

    1. ID and birth certificate is for domestic trip. Passport is fine for out of the country. =)