May 27, 2013

Swimming Graduation

I mentioned in one of my posts that I enrolled my son in swimming lessons last April and when we finished the 10 + 2 (free) sessions I did not enroll him again kasi naaawa na ko sa kulay niya at baka hindi na bumalik. Hehehe!

Then last Friday night, I received a text that there will be a graduation on May 25, Saturday at 8AM and bring money for the T-shirt. Kaloka, super late notification and I asked if it is still swimming attire or not. I did not receive a reply but the following morning I received another text that we should bring potluck. Hello! You will inform me at 7:30AM, I have no time to prepare for food and I don’t know if there’s a bakeshop or store that is already open at that time so I did not bother to bring anything.

So off we went to the venue and I was surprised that every student is wearing a swimsuit and rashguard, good thing that I brought his swimming stuff but I forgot to bring his slippers.

Anyway, there’s a friendly swimming competition according to age and my son was in 3rd place (5 kids) which is not bad kasi may age 5 siya na kalaban. I was not expecting from him because he’s not really good at using the kickboard. What is more important to me is he finished the race and he’s indeed happy.

I don’t want to post the video at baka mairita kayo sa boses ko na super cheer ng “Go Ethan” and “Kick your legs”. Like I said, it is a friendly competition so everybody is a winner. Each student receives a medal and certificate for completing the swimming class. #proudparents Since I did not bring any potluck, we just went to McDonalds to celebrate. I’m not the only one who did not bring food so di naman nakakahiya.