May 16, 2013

Flu Vaccine

Flu vaccine is one vaccine that we need every year to protect us against influenza virus. It is highly recommended to everyone from 6 months old up to elderly people. People with weak immune systems and has chronic illness should get flu vaccine too.

We had our flu vaccine shot last Saturday care of my husband’s company. Even my son had his flu shot there because it is cheaper compared to his Pedia which is P1,500. Now that my son is four years old, he is really aware of injection and that is the main reason why he doesn’t want to go to the doctor anymore. In his mind, Doctor = Injection. As expected, he cried during his flu vaccine shot.

The last time that he got sick we went to different Pedia to avoid crying scene and drama moments. This is my dilemma now and I just hope next time no more dramatic moments because he needs MMR booster this year. 

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