May 09, 2013

Activities Suitable for Kids in Vancouver

Deep in the heart of British Columbia is the magical city of Vancouver, one of the most spectacular places to visit in Canada. Not only does it embrace children with the countless recreational parks and activities throughout the city, but the fantastic museums and monument landscapes are an excellent backdrop for tourists too. Let’s take a look at some of the best attractions to keep kids amused this summer in Vancouver.

Granville Island

Only a short walk from downtown Vancouver, Granville Island is one of the most-visited tourist attractions in the city. Getting to the island itself is one of the main highlights, and kids will be able to hop aboard an aquabus – a half motor vehicle, half boat form of transport – and experience the wonders of the clear-blue sea on their way!

Once your children get to Granville Island, there are plenty of great things to see and do. Not only is there a public market, where a variety of homemade dishes, deserts, souvenirs, and clothes are made, but there’s also an indoor adventure zone, where children can play all day long!

From a water park to magic shows and evening entertainment, the adventure zone has it all, and prices are kept low all year round. There are also street performers that line the streets of Granville Island, and you can even have your portrait painted while grabbing a bite to eat!

Water Activities

Vancouver has some of the best water activities available in Canada, meaning there are plenty of activities for your children to take advantage of. From swimming pools to public beaches, you’ll be able to watch over your kids as they revel in the fantastic recreational entertainment parks in Vancouver, and there are even outdoor heated pools if you fancy a dip too!

If you’re looking to keep dry throughout the day, however, there are various options for you and your kids to enjoy. Firstly, there are many picnic areas situated near the water activity hotspots in Vancouver, meaning you can simply watch on - ice-cold drink in one hand, sandwich in the other – as some of the city’s professionals take to the waves. During the summer months, the weather can reach the high 20s too, meaning there’s always an opportunity to top up your tan!

Capilano Suspension Bridge

From Lego to Meccano, all kids take an interest in building their own structures at some stage, and there’s no better way to feed this interest them showing real-life amazing structures. The Capilano Suspension Bridge is only 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver and offers some of the most fantastic views in the city.

Not only does the bridge stretch all the way over the Capilano River, but there are a variety of activities to participate in one you get to the other side! If you’re looking for great car rental dealerships on your trip to Vancouver, make sure you compare prices online before you travel.

Science World

No trip to Vancouver would be complete without taking your kids to see Science World, and from interactive exhibits to live science shows, you could literally spend the entire day here. Offering an educational approach to science, instead of just child-friendly entertainment, there’s no doubt that you’ll all leave Science World with a renewed interest in the amazing scientific wonders of the world. 

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