January 17, 2014

Lunch at Abe

Two weeks ago we went to Alabang Town Center to finish some errands. We rarely visit this mall so whenever we visit we take our chance to try the new restaurant which is not available in our place.

Abe is not new to my husband because they always have dinner meetings in this restaurant. Looking at the exterior and interior of the restaurant, you may think that the price is very expensive but it isn’t. The food is reasonably priced; we ordered Pork Lengua Asado P295, Tidtad (Dinuguan) P225, and Unlimited Jasmine Steam Rice P65 per person.

We’re very satisfied with the food and service.

After eating our lunch, we went back to this place because my son wanted to play Lego. Thank God because there’s an available slot for him, wala kasi siya space nung dumaan kami.

Note: Don’t forget to clean or sanitize your child’s hands after playing because I saw one kid who’s biting the lego pieces to separate them. I hope I can bring him to Legoland Malaysia
February 5, 2015: Lunch at Abe

I was deleting some pictures on my phone and I saw some food photos from Abe. We have revisited this restaurant before the year ends. 

We browse the menu and ordered Sigarillas sa Gata at Hipon, Liempo Hamonado, and Leche Flan. Sorry, I can’t remember the exact price.

While waiting, they served this complimentary appetizer which my son enjoyed. 

I always cook pork hamonado at home but I haven’t tried using pork belly so next time I will try that and I will imitate the pineapple slices in their Liempo Hamonado

I don’t cook Sigarillas sa Gata at Hipon at home so this is the dish that I really enjoyed.

My son who loves dessert finished this Leche Flan, I had a bite and it is not overly sweet. I hope my next visit would be on Pampanga branch. 

After our lunch, we bought scooter + helmet + arm/knee protector for my son. This is his grandmother’s gift last Christmas.

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November 3, 2015: Lunch at Abe

Last October 25 we attended Blogapalooza and we left early because it was lunch time but we decided to eat in Alabang Town Center para malapit lapit na ang biyahe pauwi. 

We had a hard time looking for a restaurant, lagi kami nasa waiting list. While waiting in Chilis, my husband checked Abe restaurant and he called me na next na daw kami so off we went to Abe. 

While waiting, the staff gave us the menu so we can already order while waiting for our table. My husband ordered Abe's Morcon P325 and Sigarillas sa Gata at Hipon P265

They served our food a few minutes after we were seated. I was surprised to see the morcon because I was expecting beef with fillings inside. But my husband said, yan talaga yun, embotido. I tasted it but I did not like it. 

My husband and son ate that Abe's morcon but I’m happy with my sigarillas sa gata and hipon. This is my favorite order here in Abe because I don’t usually cook food with gata at home and I haven’t bought sigarillas in the market.

Abe is one of our favorite restaurants that serve Filipino dishes. The price is reasonable, the foods are delicious and the service is good. 

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