January 15, 2014

Duncan Hines: Red Velvet Cupcake

I remember that last November I baked Devil’s Food Cupcake from Duncan Hines and last Sunday I tried their red velvet mix. While mixing the batter my son keep on saying “Wow, ganda ng color”.

After baking, we tasted it and my husband said “Bakit pula ito?” I said, hello! Red velvet nga e.

Anyway, the cupcake is moist, fluffy and taste ok. I wanted to make cream cheese frosting but as usual, tinamad na ko. Hehehe!

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       Devil's Food Cupcake


  1. I miss red velvet! Clueless talaga minsan ang lalake sa baking, noh? :)) Happy new year, Michi!

    1. Hahaha! wag na nga daw ko bibili ulit nun at nagcocolor red daw ngipin niya. lol