January 20, 2014

MMRV Vaccine

When my son reached 3 years old we’re having a hard time going to the doctor for his vaccination. For him pedia=injection so it was really difficult to convince him to go to the hospital. When he got sick, we went to different pedia because nagwawala na siya palabas pa lang kami elevator so sa iba na lang.

But we went back last January 10 to his original pedia for the MMRV vaccine; it took me days to convince him. He was fine hanggang sa pagpasok namin sa room but when he saw the doctor preparing the injection, natakot na. I’m thankful na natapos na rin ang booster shot ng MMR and Varicella so at least I’m at peace na hindi na siya vulnerable sa measles outbreak. 

I don’t want him to get sick especially now that my mom is going home and we have a family outing. #bawalmagkasakit So prevention is better than cure. I’m really scared because we almost missed the field trip because my son had a hand, foot, and mouth disease, days before the field trip. He missed his exam because he got sick too so now, I don’t want to take risks anymore.

As a treat, we bought ice cream. Good luck sa flu vaccine naming sa summer.

FYI: Childhood Immunization Schedule


  1. I feel you, Michi! Never ending stress pag injection na pag uusapan :))

  2. Hi hi. Prepared Na ska for wowa:)