January 22, 2014

My Kikay Kit

People who know me for so long know that I don’t wear make-up because I don’t know how to apply make-up and I’m not comfortable with it. I still remember last 2012 I posted “What’s in Mom’s Bag” and readers were asking where my make-up kit is.

Honestly, I don’t have make-up kit and not even lipstick so when I have to attend wedding last month, I told my husband that I need to buy lipstick para naman may kulay ang mukha ko di ba. I bought Maybelline lipstick and mascara.

For years, I’m satisfied with lip and cheek tint, face powder and lip gloss. I’m a full time mom so I feel that I don’t need to wear make-up every time I go to school to accompany my son.

But I’m aware that make-up has expiration so now, I’m using the mascara and lipstick every time I go out. Sayang naman if one time use lang. hehehe!

Sharing the Make-up Expiration Guidelines from seventeen.com

Mascara – 2-3 months
Liquid Foundation Concealer – 6-12 months
Lipstick – 2 years
Lip Gloss – 1 year
Nail Polish – 1-2 years
Powder, Eye Shadow and Blush – 2 years
Fragrances – 8- 10 years
Lotion – 2 years

A repost from my old blog Michi's Home sweet Home

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