January 27, 2014

Tous les Jours

Since last year, I always see Tous les Jours whenever I’m in Festival Mall. It is a French-Asian Bakery that I can’t even pronounce the name and because of that I feel that they are selling expensive cakes and breads. But last Saturday, there were few customers so we check the store.

It was our first visit so we had a hard time in choosing and to make our life easier, we chose the available best seller such as sweet black rice bread with black sesame cream cheese, milk bread and roll (pack). I can’t remember the exact price but it is less than P50 each.

We love the bread so for sure we will go back again. I have to search Tous les Jours in google and listen to the audio, Tous les Jours is too-le-joo-r meaning “everyday”. It means they serve only freshly baked bread every day and that is why they have on-site production system in their store.

Care to share your favorite.


  1. Famous to sa Korea.... freshly baked and affordable mga breads. Sara din ng french macaroons nila :)

  2. Love their bread as well, you can find Tous Les Jours and Paris Baguette in every corner of the street in Korea.