September 23, 2015

Royce Nama Chocolate

No post for the last few days because last week was my son’s exam and I wasn’t feeling well these past few days. Anyway, hubby was in Brunei last week, he was asking me what I want for pasalubong. Honestly, I don’t know what is the popular pasalubong in Brunei so wala ko bilin. But my husband never fails to buy chocolate for pasalubong. 

Hubby’s flight was delayed last Friday + traffic in Pasay because of Oktoberfest so nakatulugan ko na paghihintay. The following day, I went down the stairs and I was surprised when I saw the Royce plastic bag.

Me: Ano yung Royce na plastic dun? 

Hubby: Pasalubong ko.
Me: Bigay sayo?
Hubby: Binili ko. 
Me: Wow, level up na chocolate mo.
Hubby: Bakit ano ba yun? 
Me: Mahal na chocolate kaya yun. 

My husband just bought Royce Nama Chocolate without any idea that it is popular and expensive chocolate. I was happy because finally, I can taste this chocolate. FYI, Royce 
was founded in 1983 at Sapporo, the capital city of Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido. 

I checked the fridge, the chocolate was inside the cooling bag with dry ice pack to make sure that it will not melt on your way home. 

I notice that the packaging is good and secure. 

I can really say that this is not an ordinary chocolate. It was cut in cubes and my son said, yummy brownies. Hahaha! I find it amazing that the chocolate is soft even it came from the fridge. It is not sweet so there’s no umay factor. 

We loved and enjoyed it very much and I told my husband to buy another flavor if he will go back to Brunei. It is cheaper compared here in the Philippines.


  1. It looks really good. I love anything that's chocolate. I hope to try this soon.

  2. Tomorrow we will go to Subic (work-related), daan kami ng duty-free. We will try to look for chocolates. hehehe

  3. Yummy chocolate! I also do not like the super sweet kinds of chocolate, unless there are nuts. It's so thoughtful of your hubby.

  4. Do we have some local market stores where we can buy Royce here?

    1. Yes, Trinoma, Power Plant Mall and ATC. I think there are more branches.

  5. That chocolate looks delicious! it's good to know that its available at some local stores, no need to travel to Brunie to get them. Yor hubby is so sweet!:)

  6. Ooh.. the chocolate looks super yummy. I remember seeing Royce being sold at some malls here.

  7. first time to here about it..And since mahal I don't think bibilhin ko sya hehehe...

  8. CHOCOLATES! I'm drooling! It'll definitely be on my chocolate list. ;)