November 15, 2016

Be a Smart Shopper and Know Your Consumer Rights

It is not easy to earn money, you need to work hard for it so it is very important that you spend it wisely. As Charles Jaffe said “It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits”

So as a wife, I need to make sure that my husband’s salary will not be to put into waste. I need to be a smart shopper because it will save money. 

How to be a Smart Shopper 

1. Stick to List 

Whenever I’m in the grocery, I don’t just get anything I see in the market. I always have a list of what we need to buy just to make sure that I will not forget anything and also I will not make unnecessary purchase. 

There are times that I also check for new products that we can try. Yes, stick to list + extra products, but I make sure that it will fit the budget. 

2. Read labels 

It is very significant to check the labels of the product especially if it will be your first time to try it. Read the labels and necessary details, make sure that you or your family does not have any food allergies.

3. Check the Expiration Date 

Yes, expiration date. Check the shelf life, if you will not use or consume it immediately, do not hoard even it is buy one take one. 

4. Condition of the Product 

Check the condition of the product. I have my own experiences before that when I got home, the stuff that I bought were not in good condition. There is a hole in my loaf bread, a pack of sugar, noodles and even milk. Things that you will not notice if you are in a hurry.

I learned my lesson. Now, I carefully check the packaging of the items. I make sure that there is no hole in the packaging, canned goods have no dent, bottled stuff are sealed and boxes are in good condition.

5. Double-check the price 

Always check the price. If there are sale items, make sure that you can save from it. 

6. Be watchful at the counter

Yes, monitor the cash register and make sure that the price is correct. 

7. Check and keep your receipt

Check the price, double posting and number of items. 

Know Your Consumer Rights 

But sometimes, no matter how careful you are, you will still encounter defective products. I have my own experiences like 

1. I bought a pack of candies, I notice few pieces have no candy inside. Yes, empty wrapper only. 

2. I bought a pack of noodles and when I opened the pack, there is no flavoring or seasoning inside. 

3. I bought a fresh milk, the box was in good condition and months before pa expiration date but when you pour it, I saw a curdled milk not fresh milk.

I was disappointed because you paid for these products but you cannot eat or drink it. I cannot return because I don’t have the receipt anymore and sometimes the cost of returning the goods are much higher than the actual price of the product. Yes, wasted money. 

My husband loves Duncan Hines Brownie Mix because it has walnuts. So last Sunday, I was about to cook brownies but when I opened the box, the pack of brownies was not sealed. Waah! The box was in good condition so I was really surprised when I opened it, may small insect pa na lumabas. Eww! 

I was disappointed because the price is not cheap, P179.95. I was thinking if we can return the item because we haven’t returned any consumable goods before. But S&R Alabang is far, gagastos pa ng gas and toll. 

So yesterday, my husband tried to return the item. Before he went home, he dropped by at S&R Alabang. He gave the box and the receipt, the staff checked the item and he was asked kung same item din ba. Of course, he said yes, favorite nga niya. hehehe!

I was glad that they replaced the defective product. My husband even asked them to open the box just to make sure na ok ang loob and walang butas. 

November 11 - Grocery 

November 13 - Discovered the defective product 
November 14 - Return and Exchange the item

For Return and Exchange of Items

Items must be returned within 7 days from date of purchase. No receipt, No return. 

Good thing, that I immediately opened it because according to receipt, I can only return the item within 7 days. What if, hindi ko agad niluto, goodbye P179.95? 


  1. Naku, 179.95 is still 179.95, no? Buti nalang at nireplace nila, sis. And yes, thanks for these reminders, I do most of these when doing our groceries, pero minsan, napapabili ng wala sa lista, lalo pag kasama si Nate, marunong ng magrequest! lol! And yes, another reason now to keep the receipt is because of snapcart where you can get rebates just by snapping your receipts. Not sure if you have that already, hehe.

    1. True, buti within 7 days pa. Yes, marunong talaga ang mga kids magrequest ng wala sa lista. hehehe! I don't have SnapCart yet, the last time I check android apps lang sila. huhuhu! Sayang ang rebate.

  2. Uh oh.. did you complain about the brownie mix? Great tips you have there. Kaya ang tagal ko sa grocery kasi I double check everything. The simple act of checking the expiration date will save you money, time, and added wrinkles. LOL.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I'm guilty with not checking the expiration especially if the item is super discounted. I feel like, I'm so happy to be able to get the item at a lesser price and then it will just go to waste because expired na. :(

    1. Especially for foods, ok sana yung mga sale or buy 1 take 1 but I always remind myself na tatlo lang kami sa bahay so hindi namin mauubos din.

  4. I agree all of the above sis, sometimes it's very hard for us to budget specially when it comes na nandon kana sa grocery tapos bigalang may nakita kang sale, OMG! Sira agad ang budget. But right now I always stick to my list at talagang saktong cash lang ang dala ko di na ako nagdadala ng extra hehe para sure.

    1. Nice yung sakto lang dala para you have excuse not to buy extras. hehehe!

  5. Good thing you returned it. Ako yon, hindi ko na mababalik. Haha :) My husband would. :) It's really good to know your rights as a consumer and practice them. :)

    1. I feel you, nakakatamad na bumalik di ba. But my husband returned it since dadaan din siya sa Alabang pauwi, though hassle pa rin kasi sasadyain pa niya rin imbes na diretso uwi na.

  6. Buti na lang sis you discover bago mag 7days. Hindi ko pa namn na experience sa grocery na may kulang. Yah need to stick on the list kaya as much as possible wag isama laaht sa grocery kasi napapdami lagay sa cart

    1. Good for you, naexperience ko na yung kulang. Buy 1 Take 1, pero wala sa supot ko yung take 1. Waah!

  7. It pays to be a smart shopper. We really have to know our consumer rights so we would know what to do in situations where we are at a disadvantage as buyers.

  8. Nagulat ako nung nakita ko yan sa IG mo, mabuti nalang they replaced it. Importante pala talaga ang receipt. Ako, I admit I'm not a good shopper, I don't have a list and basta kuha lang ako pag naggrocery. After reading your tips, medyo naguilty ako heheh. I will try to apply these tips in the future. Thanks for sharing!