November 24, 2016

Make your Own Advent Calendar

Two years ago when I first started making DIY Advent Calendar and my son really enjoyed the everyday activities. But this year I was not planning to make Advent calendar because I don’t think my son is still interested and we have very limited time during weekdays. Blame it to homeworks, quizzes and exams.

So I was really surprised when my son mentioned “Next month, we will change this calendar, we will put the Advent Calendar”. He was referring to our calendar hanging at the back of the door. Waah! I thought graduate na kami sa Advent thing, hindi pa pala. 

Here I am, cramming again to finish my project before December 1. Thank God for Pinterest where you can search for Advent Calendar Ideas. I've already used the old Advent Calendar for the last two years so this time, I made a new one so I don’t have to remove our calendar. 

Christmas Countdown in a Box 

I used the free printables of Dating Divas that I received on email. I printed the blank countdown cards so I can write my own activities. I just put labels on the old box where I will place my countdown cards. Sharing with you our activities next month. 


1 Measure your Christmas Tree 

2 Make Christmas Card 
3 Sing the 12 Days of Christmas 
4 Bake a Cupcake 
5 Drink Hot Chocolate 
6 Read a Christmas Story 
7 Go to Bed Early Tonight 
8 Read “Legend of the Candy Cane” 
9 DIY Paper Star (origami) 
10 Do a Chore 
11 Name all of Santa’s Reindeer 
12 A Special Christmas Treat 
13 Listen to fun Christmas Music 
14 Study about Advent Wreath 
15 Use Tissue Tubes and Construction Paper to Make Santa or Elf 
16 Watch Christmas Movie 
17 Make Homemade Ornaments (Polymer Clay) 
18 Read “Legend of St Nicholas” 
19 Play a Video Game for 40 minutes 
20 Learn “Merry Christmas” in different language. 
21 Learn How USA Celebrates their Holidays
22 Play a Board Game 
23 Unwrap One Present Early 
24 Read Luke 2; 1-20 

Check my previous DIY Advent Calendar 

Advent Calendar 2014

Advent Calendar 2015

If you don't like to make your own Advent Calendar, you can just buy. I saw this Advent Calendar at H&M, but I forgot how much. 

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How about you? Do you also do Christmas countdown?


  1. Replies
    1. Hello! Advance Merry Christmas to you also. :)

  2. Oh, that's a nice project you have there, very creative. Sometimes it's more fun to do crafts at home rather than buy everything from a store, right? Christmas is in the air!

    1. True, it makes you practical and creative too.

  3. you're so crafty :-) I would love to do that also, but I should first start decorating our house for Christmas. My kids have been reminding me about it :-)

    1. Trying to be crafty. hehehe! You are not alone, I haven't decorated our house yet except for the Christmas Village. :)

  4. That's a nice project :) I have an Advent Calendar which looks like the one in H & M (in red) but it's still empty. I can't think of stuff to write or put. I will need some inspirations...

    1. I like the H&M Advent Calendar too because you can even put treats. You can check Pinterest for Advent inspirations. :)

  5. I can't keep up with 25 days of activities, but we do have Christmas traditions scheduled every December. :) Our advent calendar serves only as a decor, hehe.

    1. True, medyo nakakastress din. Having Christmas tradition is really nice.