November 10, 2016

My Shopping Experience at Sample Room

Gone are the days that you can only try products if there are free samples or demos in the supermarket or malls. Now, there is an online site where you can get freebies. Yes, free sample products that you can try.

I registered at Sample Room site on July 2014 but it took me a long time to try it. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about it in social media and I’ve been receiving emails regarding the new samples but I did not mind it.

What is Sample Room? 

Sample Room is a sampling site that offers products for you to try for FREE. Yes, the product is free but you have to shoulder the handling and shipping fee which is P110 (Metro Manila) P150 (Outside NCR) or more, it depends on the weight of your order. The good thing about this is you can try the product before buying it in the market. You don’t need to buy a full-sized product that you might not like in the end. It will save you from wasting your hard-earned money.

What are the Products? 

They have products for the skin, hair, body, fragrance, cosmetics, tools, health, slimming, lifestyle, baby and even for the home.

How to Avail the Free Products? 

1. Start your sampling journey by creating your Sample Room account at for FREE.
2. Upon registration, you get 100 points that you can use to get your samples.
3. Using your points, choose and select 1 to 3 samples that you want to try per transaction.
4. Pay the shipping and handling fee.
5. Wait for your samples.
6. Use the free samples for at least 5 days.
7. Lastly, rate and review the sample products in order for you to earn more points.

October 26, 2016

So after two years, I placed my order in Sample Room. I ordered last October 26, 2016 and paid P150 shipping fee via Paypal. I did not have a hard time in using their site.

October 27, 2016 

I received an email that my order is complete. I checked my account for more information but there is no other information aside from COMPLETE status.

October 28, 2016 

The following day, I emailed Sample Room because as far as I know once payment is confirmed, they will provide a tracking number.

October 29, 2016 

They replied with my tracking number so I immediately track my order at XEND website.

October 27, 2016 

Still no update so I emailed XEND to know the status of my order. I was informed....

Good day! Thank you for contacting Xend. Upon checking, your package is out for delivery today. Kindly anticipate our courier within the day. 

And because of this, I did not go out of the house waiting for the package. My husband and son went to Ophtha without me. They went home and still no package.

October 30, 2016 

Though I'm not sure if they deliver on Sunday, I did not go to the cemetery just to make sure that I’m home when the package arrives. But still, no package.

October 31 and November 1 are holidays so I was not expecting any deliveries.

November 2, 2016

I’ve made a follow-up again and I was advised

Good day! On behalf of Xend Team, would like to sincerely apologize for the delays of your shipments. Will coordinate this and make a follow up with them. 

November 3, 2016 

Good day! On behalf of Xend Team, would like to sincerely apologize for the delays of your shipments. Upon checking, your shipment is already out for delivery today. Please anticipate the arrival of our courier anytime within the day. 

But still, no package. I was already thinking that I wasted P150 for an order that I don’t know if I will receive.

November 4, 2016 

Your shipment was already transferred to one of our operation head and it is now in process of re-delivery. May I have your mobile number so we can contact you if our rider can't find the shipping address. 

November 6, 2016 

Thanks for the speedy reply for providing us your mobile number. Our dispatch team told me that they got some issue on our rider that's why your package was undelivered on 11/04/16. They will just re-delivery it to your shipping address and should contact you as soon as possible if they got some issue on the location. I did not receive any call. 

November 7, 2016 

Your shipment with a tracking number of XXX has been transferred to D&G. We are already coordinating with them to expedite the delivery of your shipment asap. We will keep you posted. Sorry for the inconveniences this has caused you. 

November 9, 2016

I did not receive any update on November 8, 2016 so the following day, November 9, I already informed Sample Room regarding my order and I was advised.

We'll follow up this to our courier and will inform you once we got a feedback from them. Thank you! 

On the same day, my order came. It was not a delivery guy from Xend because the lady is riding a private car. I was happy that after 12 days, my order came. Finally, tapos na rin. The package was not in good condition, sira na nga yung plastic. Good thing may paper bag pa yung Sample Room so wala naman nawala.

This is not the first time that I ordered online, we’re not living in the mountain para hindi madeliver yung package. To think kakadeliver lang ng XEND sa bahay ng October 27, (next day delivery order from Candy Shop Prints). So yes, my first order with Sample Room is not a good one. Nastress ko kakahintay, kakatrack, kakafollow-up. I cannot go out of the house because I’m waiting for the delivery guy.

I got Zenuntrients Shampoo and Conditioner. For now, no more online shopping muna. On a positive note, at least I received it, di nasayang ang P150 ko. I experienced lost packages na rin (winnings from giveaways).


November 28 - Ordered and pay via Paypal
November 30 - Bonifacio Holiday
December 1 - Received my order

Last October was my first time to try Sample Room. My first experience was not pleasant because it took them almost 2 wks to deliver the package. I believe in second chances so I ordered last Monday and got 3 samples today. Hay salamat, wala ng stress sa pagfollow up. :) All for 100 points again. Hehehe! I ordered Hygienix Hand care, Zenutirents Spahnitizer and Zenutrients lip scrub.
I took advantage the Free Shipping last February 14, 2017 so I got all 3 samples for FREE.  I received LipIce lip balm, Maxipeel Zero and Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer.

February 14, 2017 - ordered at Sample Room
February 20, 2017 - received my order
I ordered one sample which is Belo Body Cream Spray last September 4, 2017 paid via Paypal and I received my order last September 6, 2017. The courier is no longer Xend, it was Ninja Van. Same experience with Beauty MNL.
I ordered last October 16, 2017 paid via Paypal and I received my order last October 18, 2017. Mukhang mabilis itong Ninja Van Courier compared pag Xend ang nagdeliver. I got Johnson's Baby Lotion, Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste and Himalaya Sparkling White Toothpaste.


  1. That's really not a good one. The downside of online shopping is the waiting time. You are not sure when they are going to send the package so you can't go out. Feom my previous orders Xend really had some delays. The best one was LBC, always arriving the following day even if we live outside Metro. :)

    1. Yes, I hate waiting pa naman. LBC is good because when you track your order, you can really see the update of your package.

  2. Iba din pala freebie site dyan kasi you pay for shipping and handling. At took them like forever to send the package, and causes lot of delays sayo. But, I'm so glad you got your first freebies from Sample Room and hopefully it will be smooth delivery next time. Enjoy Sis!

    1. Yes, nothing is free in the Philippines. hehehe!

  3. Grabe, ang tagal nga sis, grabe, halos 2 weeks. Ako I'm a regular Sample Room user, kakareceive ko lang din ng order ko, pero di umabot ng ganyan katagal. Saan kaya ang prob nyan no? Ano pa man, sobrang hassle, tsk.tsk.

    1. Grabe talaga, almost 2 weeks bago dumating. I don't know din kung san nagkaproblem, di ko kasi nakita yung airway bill (kung mali ba nalagay na-address). But if there is problem, they should call me since they have my number naman. I hope isolated case lang.

  4. I've been a regular Sample Room customer since, I don't remember, 2012 or 2013. I've never experienced a delay in shipping, so sorry to hear that. Perhaps the fault lies with Xend, not Sample Room?

  5. I've tried them before at hindi naman ako nagkaron ng ganyang experience. Ang ginawa ko kasi sa office (manila based) ko inaadress yung package ko kasi nag aalala din ako na baka hindi sya dumating sa bundok. At ang tagal ko na palang hindi nagsa-sample room! May points pa ata ako jan.

    1. Hirap pag provincial address, nadedelay talaga. Pero Zalora, next day delivery lang. :)

  6. I too purchased from online seller and currently having a bad experience. The seller used XEND courier. see details below

    PICKED UP FROM SHIPPER (metro manila)
    Sep 18, 2017

    Sep 21, 2017
    Sep 19, 2017

    This is my shipment. As you can see Xend TRANSFERRED TO D&GR courier too. And up to this date, September 23, I still have not received my shipment. Showing XEND and D&G is unreliable. Meycauayan City, is just boundary of Valenzuela Metro Manila. Again to emphasize, I am still horrendously waiting for 7 full day already, and counting! this is unacceptable courier service!

    I usually purchased online. so far XEND and D&G Courier, were the ones that pissed me off. in contrast to JRS and LBC, were pleasant.

    I will update if/when, re my shipment arrival

    1. Dun sa first order ko, 12 days bago ko nareceived. Good thing nung mga sumunod na order ko, okay na. This month, Ninja Van na nagdeliver hindi na Xend.

    2. I have the same problem din po. Oct. 21 nareceived yung items ko and out for delivery. Oct 23, transferred to D&G. I emailed them Oct 26 and sabi ng Xend expect delivery daw today. Pero October 30 na wala parin. :( Meycauayan Bulacan din po ako.

      Hindi naman ito first time na xend ang courier na gamit sa pagdeliver ng orders ko, usually within 5days natatanggap ko naman. Pero ito 9 days na wala parin. :(