November 18, 2016

How to Turn Off YouTube Embed Code

I’ve been blogging since 2011 but most of my posts only include pictures because honestly, I don’t know how to put videos on my blog before. Hehehe! I tried uploading in YouTube but it takes time because I have very slow internet (up to 2MBPS only) so tinatamad ko.

My son is a fan of YouTube and he really likes watching videos. Ever since he was a kid, I always filmed his performance in school then I will upload on my Facebook (for family). He always asks me, “Did you video me, Mommy?” or “May I see my video?”. He will watch his videos for the nth time. 

But I feel that my videos are low quality so I don’t share it in my social media but when my husband gifted me iPhone 6 last year (birthday gift), feeling ko, ok na videos ko, HD quality na. Lol. Who will watch blurred videos di ba? So that’s the time that I shared videos on my Instagram

Last February, my husband gifted me Fuji XA2. Yehey, I can now record 15 minutes video so that is the start of my Michi Photostory Channel. I started uploading videos last summer, so far I have 45 videos.

I’m not a pro so I’m still learning how to edit videos but my son is satisfied in watching his YouTube videos. There was one time, he went home and he said, his classmates said to him, “I saw you on YouTube”. So I was happy na may “reach” na videos ko even I have few subscribers. 

But last month, out of the blue I searched for my website and then I discovered that there are two websites that uploaded my videos. I tried to report it na but when I visited the site again, nandun pa rin. As in, one page, nandun yung videos ko and take note ang title talaga “Michi Photostory Channel”. 

I don’t know why there are people who will do this. I don’t know how he can earn from uploading all my videos on his site. The site is in different language pa so I don’t really understand why. This makes me sad, so I asked helped in “Ask Pinoy Bloggers” FB group and they are generous enough to give me tips.

One person advised me to turn off my embed code in my You Tube videos. I have 40+ videos at that time so it took me hours just to remove the embed code. In addition, I have to edit my blog posts too, because it will also affect my videos. 

Nakakainis di ba, hindi ko na tuloy magamit yung own video ko sa blog ko because I will turn off the embed code. But this is the only way I know to prevent bad guys to use my videos in their website. So if you have YouTube, you might want to turn off the embed code. 

How to Turn off Embed Code in YouTube Video

1. Sign-in to your YouTube Account 
2. Go to Creator Studio, Video Manager and Videos
3. Choose the Video and click Edit Button 
4. At Info & Setting Tab, click Advance settings
5. Look for Distribution Options and uncheck the “Allow Embedding 
6. Save Changes.

If you have Playlist

1. Click on Edit Button
2. Click Playlist Settings
3. Uncheck the “Allow Embedding” 
4. Click Save 

Hope this helps.


  1. Thanks for the share. I'm not very tech savvy too so I usually don't do vlogs of video review because I don't know my way around video editing.

    It's good to know this kind of stuff because sometimes, I want to share something I don't want to get passed around but don't mind showing to those who have the URL of the video. This is something new I've learned today.

    1. Yes, you can choose unlisted, so only those who know the link can see your videos. :)

  2. Grabe lang no? Who would've thought di ba na ganito ang mangyayari? Mejo makakapal din ang feslak sis, at Michi photostory pa talga ang ginamit na pangalan. tsk.tsk. Kailangan talaga mag compromise sis, kesa patuloy nilang gawin yan, tsk.tsk.

    1. Michi Photostory Channel yung title (post) din niya kung san nilagay yung mga videos ko pero iba yung name ng website. True, ang feslak makapal. hehehe!