November 30, 2016

Louis’ Tavern Transit Hotel at Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel

The not so fun part of traveling via airplane is waiting. You need to be at the airport 3 to 4 hours before your flight. Sometimes there is delayed or canceled flight so you have no choice but to wait again. 

If you have a connecting flight, you need to wait or run to the next boarding gate to catch your next flight. Or the worst case is sleeping at the airport. It happened to my husband when he went to Yangon, Myanmar.

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There is no direct flight to and from Yangon, Myanmar so he has no choice but to have a layover at Bangkok, Thailand. Going to Yangon, Myanmar is not a problem but going back to the Philippines is the problem. 

Yangon to Bangkok Friday 

19:50 Yangon, Myanmar, Union of Mingaladon 

21:45 Bangkok, Thailand Suvarnabhumi International Airport 

Bangkok to Manila Saturday 

07:45 Bangkok, Thailand Suvarnabhumi International Airport 

11:55 Manila, Philippines Ninoy International Airport 

He has no other option but to wait for his connecting flight which is the following day. 10 hours layover is no joke, I experienced that too at Thai Airways. Weird noh, same experience namin but different destination. Hehehe! Though my experience is different because I waited from afternoon till my midnight flight but my husband needs to sleep.

I did not search for day rooms in Bangkok Airport because I’m confident that there is a transit hotel there sa laki ba naman ng airport nila. He can also go to Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel which is 0.15 kilometer away from the airport. 

Good thing about the Novotel Bangkok Aiport Hotel is they have no set check-in time, so you can arrive anytime you want and check-out 24 hours later. They also have a 24-hour shuttle that transports guests to and from the airport every 10 minutes. 

According to my husband, he needs to pay 700 baht (not sure if travel tax) if he will go out the airport and come back the following day so he chose to look for transit hotel in the airport.

He found one at Concourse G but unfortunately, it was already fully booked. Thank God, there is available room for him at Louis’ Tavern Transit Hotel Dayrooms Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel. It is situated in Suvarnabhumi Airport’s transit area on Level 4 Concourse A. Lesson learned, do not forget to book an accommodation. 

What nice about this transit hotel is you don’t need to go through immigration again. You are literally sleeping at the airport because of your view. 

The rate is 137USD for 6 hours use + set breakfast meal. Yes, it is not affordable. It is expected na when you’re inside the airport, everything is expensive even bottled water. 

So in case you need a room for your layover, you can stay at this dayroom.


  1. Your story reminds me of Tom Hank's character in The Terminal, if Im not mistaken. He slept and practically lived inside the terminal for months I guess. Nway, your husband's choice wasn't really a cheap one but sometimes, we need to pay for comfort. I bet he enjoyed his short stay.

    1. I've watched that movie too. Agree, we need to pay more for comfort.

  2. Wow! I remember that movie too, thanks to Berlin! :D I have to agree, kung kailangan mo lang mag rest, mas maganda na meron na lang din available sa airport, less gastos, less time, lest effort, less all. This hotel looks nice din!

    1. Actually, not less gastos. Additional gastos because of the layover. Kung meron lang ibang flight back to Philippines. But at least less effort in finding hotel. :)

  3. Better option nga to stay within the airport premises na lang. At least it's more convenient. Wish we have something like that here na nasa airport na talaga

    1. We have na yata but I'm not sure which NAIA terminal.

  4. Wow, this is such a great option! Who wants to stay inside the airport diba? Plus, you'd have to worry about your belongings pa. The place looks so nice and cozy also!

    1. If there is no handcarry, you can just stay outside but if you want comfort and security, better look for transit room.