January 25, 2017

Baguio Good Shepherd Convent

Our family loves ube jam and it is one thing that we always look forward if we will go to Baguio or if someone will go to Baguio. Our Baguio trip will not be complete without buying ube jam at Good Shepherd Convent

Sa iba na yung pila

I've tried other ube jam but nothing beats the taste of Good Shepherd ube jam. The texture is so smooth and it is not overly sweet, in short yummy! So on our way home from Sagada, we had a quick stop over at Good Shepherd. We are expecting for long lines but I was surprised that we were able to buy pasalubong in a few minutes. 

Taking and paying orders is now organized. First, you have to place your order then give the paper to the staff. He/she will prepare everything and then pay for your order at the cashier. Mas systematic, let’s admit na kaya nagtatagal sa pila kasi dun pa lang nag-iisip ng bibilhin so mas ok kung may list na.

Last summer, I asked my sister-in-law to buy me ube jam because they went to Baguio. She said, wala na daw malaking jar so she bought the small jar. When we went back last month, wala na nga, akala ko naubusan lang. Huhuhu! I prefer buying the big jar kasi mas tipid. The 12oz jar is now P220, ang laki na ng inflation, parang yan na yung presyo nung malaki from the time na nag-umpisa kami bumili. 

Aside from the ube jam, my husband likes their juice so we bought juice P30, ube bread P120 and ensaymada P50 so we have something to eat on our way home. 

I bought half dozen of ube jam which only lasted for two weeks, we practiced self-control so it will last long pero naubos pa rin agad. Kinain na namin pauwi pa lang. Yes, I have a spoon. #alwaysready 

Naubos na yung isa before ko pa nakunan. hehehe!

“You help send us through college each time you buy our products” - Cordillera Youth 

“Our products, sought for their quality, signify the Good Shepherd Sisters’ mission, with lay mission partners, to the student workers from the Cordilleras. Made with care and diligence, cooked with a prayer and wrapped with the mission, these blessings in bottles/jars feed not only the body, but also nourish the soul.” 

What is your favorite pasalubong in Baguio?

Update: February 2018

My husband went back in Baguio and of course we asked him to buy ube jam. My son wanted him to 10 pieces of ube jam but he was informed that there is 4 pieces limit per person. Good thing that his officemate will not buy ube jam so he fell in line too. 

My husband was able to buy 2 big jars (P350 each) and 4 small jars of ube jam (P210 each), plus two peanut brittle (P175 each). I'm not sure if he also bought the strawberry at Good Shepherd Convent, hindi ko na natanong. 

Good Shepherd Compound 
15 Gibraltar Road, Mines View 
2600 Baguio City


  1. yum! I miss their ube jam! I hope to visit when we come to visit pinas soon! no place like home sarap food sa tin!

  2. Baguio's Good Shepherd will always be the best pasalubong ever. I love its ube's texture and sweetness. So different from other ubes, even those from Good Shepherd Tagaytay.

    1. True, we tried the ube jam in Good Shepherd Tagaytay few years ago and ang layo ng lasa so hindi na naulit. :)