January 19, 2017

Unfolding Psoriasis in the Philippines: A Burden of Disease Survey

This survey aims to collect data from Filipinos living with psoriasis above 18 years old to better understand experiences in diagnosis, management, and quality of life impact. This survey is developed for the Psoriasis Philippines in collaboration with Philippine Dermatological Society and Philippine Rheumatology Association supported by Novartis. 

Specifically, the survey aims to: 

1. Understand the rational, personal and emotional impact of psoriasis; 
2. Quantify patient perspectives on clear skin achievability; and 
3. Provide evidence for the significant impact of psoriasis on individuals. 

The data will be used to raise awareness on psoriasis in the Philippines and to develop a policy paper for psoriasis treatment and support.

If you have psoriasis, please answer the survey. If you know someone who has psoriasis, please share this post.

Click here to answer the survey.

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